Do you have a computer?

It seems like an obvious question … but perhaps it’s not.

How do YOU access cdfreaks?
Your computer, a friends computer … your mums computer?

Feel free to elaborate :wink:

Mums computer… But i’m more on the computer then my mum :stuck_out_tongue:

lol@bus full of nuns, I made a joke about a bus full of nuns years ago :bigsmile:

The only thing I hate in the world is computer.

What only I checked boxes 5 to 12?!!

i have 4 , only one works … .

Generally my own computer. But in rare occassions, other options (I checked all that I have used in the past, not just what I normally use).

The thread question:

Do you have a computer?


The poll question:

How do you access CDfreaks?

hotspot :smiley:

I never use computers, so i obviusly don’t own one.

Do I have a computer. Yes, I have several. Now ask the real question. How many still work?

The laptop’s about it, and even that overheats if you’re not careful…

Do you use phones for connecting to CDFreaks?

Naahh, I’m just a bug it the system :smiley:

Must have a webtv?¿

computer …whats a computer?

I have my own computer :stuck_out_tongue: pretty cool to have one for yourself. Then you’re sure you won’t have spyware that your sister installed :smiley:



(only) my one! :slight_smile:

I’ve got 12 computers between work and home, but I only access CDFreaks from my home desktop and my work desktop.

I have 2 working computers one in my sons room
@ kenny why do you hate computers

Don’t you hate computers…

Damn things always breaking down … software issues … ISP issues … new viruses/hacks/idiots … etc/etc. And then you have to spend time fixing them.
And to top it off, none of them is ever mine …