Do you have a cell phone and since when?

When did you buy your first cell phone, which one was it and why? I remember the times that a lot of people were really against it and said it would be a terrible thing because of disturbing phone calls on wrong times etc. In the end now everyone seems to have one and I guess there are not many people who would like to have one.

My first one was a Philips Diga and it was a big one. I mostly used it to show off and at the time I got one SMS wasn’t even used!

When? Summer 2001. What? Sprint TouchPoint 2110. Why? Because I was a teenager. :slight_smile:

Yes, Nokia 6310i
My first cell phone was in 1997…

Can’t remember when I got mine.

1st phone:
Big-Ass “phillips savvy” (Network-O2)

2nd Phone:
Nokia 3410 (Network - O2)

3rd phone and still currently using:
Sagem MY X6 (Network-Orange)

I’m a cell phone virgin. Got my first one last month.

I’m not even sure what it is. A new Samsung flip phone is the best info I can give.
We only really have it for car emergencies.

Nokia 3210 Pay as you go. Christmas 1999. Still using it now.

Still remember my first “mobil” back in 1993. An brown Ericsson, in size like a brick, weighting 0,4kg (~1lb). Costing a fortune at that time.

Sorry cant remember the model,… or was it H69… something.

BTW, using Nokia nowdays… 7250 since -03

Siemens M50, got it exactly one year ago now I think of it :slight_smile: On the first monday of Easter holiday, hehe. Back then my girlfriend of 3 weeks wanted me to have one, so I listened. I have mainly used it to talk and sms her :slight_smile:

I’ve had a few phones. My current is a Motorola v300. Excellent phone!
Started around the year 2000 and can’t go without one now :stuck_out_tongue:

Currently using Tmobile,
Also have had AT&T wireless
Alltel Boomerang wireless
Voicestream wireless

A great resource for mobile phones is

I had quite some phones. I started in 1998.

Let’s see…

  • Siemens S6D
  • Siemens S6D-Power
  • Siemens C25
  • Erricsson T10
  • Nokia 3310
  • Bosch “dunno”
  • Samsung R21S
  • Nokia 6610

And the 6610 is my current one. I guess the next one will be either a Samsung or a Nokia… but I’ll have to wait until the summer before I can change phones once again…

Originally posted by Ssseth
I’m a cell phone virgin.

I’ve never owned a cell phone. I just haven’t had the need for one. Maybe when I get out of school in May, the need for one will arise…

I remember when people used to be against them too! Now it seems people are defending their right to use one while driving! What are the laws like in other countries? I know in the U.S., there are a few states where it is against the law to use one when driving.

People drive very poorly when yacking on their cell phones.

On the other hand, one does better in business if calls are answered by a person instead of a machine.

I got a big motorola in '95 I believe. Use a little Nokia now, it is too little. Will replace when I see a deal on one with a pretty fair photo image capability.

They will be able to do video in a couple years I am sure. I mean pretty good video.

The first one was a brick in a bag or it felt like one bloody heavy was great pluged into the truc i used to drive but usless to carry about had about 50 phones since at pressent a panasonic gd55 size of a matchbox and cost £30 open to all networks:D

1st: Some big brick-sized Motorola on BT Cellnet
2nd: Ericsson, reasonable size, on Vodafone
3rd: Nokia 3210, on Vodafone
4th: Nokia 3410, on Vodafone
5th (and current): Sagem MY-X6, on Vodafone

No, I don’t have a cell phone (around here we call them mobile phones). In fact I dislike them! Well, it’s not really the phones I dislike, more the people that (ab)use them. In my opinion people use them way too much, and many times in inappropriate places:Z . Many people also seem to get addicted to them; they really feel bad if they haven’t got a call/SMS for a while. It’s just like a teddy bear for grownups, people feels unsafe/unimportant if they’re out of reach. Like Ssseth wrote, they’re quite handy if you’re car breaks down in the middle of no ware, or if there has been an accident. My son was quite ill the first 3 years of his life, at that time it were very calming to know that people could reach me and my wife on her cell phone, if we had to leave him for a few hours. So I’m not entirely against, just tired of the abuse. In my opinion a cell phone addiction is like most other addictions; it steals some of your life. I know I’m old fashioned on this subject, and I realise that cell phones are an important part of young people’s life. :slight_smile:


By the way, my wife got a Siemens C-16.

1999; TracFone Prepaid [Nokia 5180i]

Now: AT&T PalmOne Treo 600 [cost $500…ouch]

hey dudes got my motorola big ass one that looks like a brick 12 yrs or more i think back when i was playen professional table tennis i even remember my coach using it upside down since noone knew wht it was, after that went on to to the motorola half size of that and then the vibra version

after that the alcatel one touch max db and then the nokia 8210 and then the 8250 and now ericcson t610 hoping to go for the new nokia 7200 tho very nice with radio cam and shit very nice

cheers stay metal and stay heavy and live it up

1st Nokia 3310 - Christmas 2000, survived a lot of stuff like when I fell of the boat and had it in my pocket but was finally broken while skiing :bigsmile:

2nd SonyEricsson Z600 feb 2004
What a difference, half the size and ten times the functions.

  1. July 1998 - Motorola V2088
  2. August 1999 - Nokia 3310
  3. sometime 2001 - Nokia 3315
  4. late 2002 - Sharp GX10
  5. late 2003 - Nokia 3650.

I loved some of the reviews for my current phone.

One guy hates my current phone cos he crashed his car while playing a game on the nintendo emulator on the nokia 3650.

hmmmmm. I don’t even answer it when I’m driving.
If there’s someone else in the car, I willhand it to them and ask them to answer it for me :bigsmile:

Mobiles are very invasive. The drawback to the ability for people to contact you at any time, is that they DO contact you at any time.

That said, the occasions when you need to call someone immediately makes up for the occasional “pain in the ass” call.

I just wish that at 3am people could actually dial the right damn number :slight_smile:
Admittedly blocking “private” numbers greatly reduces that inconvenience :slight_smile:

Originally posted by debro
hmmmmm. I don’t even answer it when I’m driving.
If there’s someone else in the car, I willhand it to them and ask them to answer it for me :bigsmile:

well it’s a bit tricky to both steer and shift gear while talking in the phone and keeping eyes on the road at the same time… but anything is possible with a bit of practise :bigsmile: