Do you guys think this is a heat issue?

Hi everyone,

I bought my laptop like a year ago and everything seems to be working fine, except 1 little detail:
From time to time, like 1 time a day or sometimes 1-3 times a day, the screen just freezes for 5-8 seconds, and nothing can be done during these 5-8 seconds, no mouse no keyboard - I can’t do anything, but when these 5-8 seconds pass, everything is back to normal, just like it never happened.

  1. Do you guys think it is because it overheats?
  2. Should I buy a Laptop cooler? and when I mentioned Laptop cooler:
  3. Does the Laptop cooler cool only externally or it can somehow affect and cool the internal temperature of the laptop?

PS: My Laptop specs are in my signature.

Thanks mates,

When does it freeze and what are you doing at the time that the freeze occurs? I could be a corrupt file in the O/S or you need to get a patch from MS site. But what revision of the O/S do you have? Do you have a antivirus or firewall setup? Have you scanned for any spyware or malware or rootkits on your system? Have you tried to use the factory recover cd to reinstall your O/S to see if that doesn’t fix the problem? Have you made sure you have updated files and drives for the O/S and video drivers?

Download speedfan and see what is says about your heat…

Thanks for the reply.

It can occure at any time, when browsing with mozilla, when watching a movie, when writing in word…
No antivirus no firewall, just the windows firewall that came with Win XP Pro SP2
I have formatted the hard drive 2 times since i bought the Laptop, and after every format I am without any internet at the beginning and without antiviruses or whatever, and it happens then too, so I dont think it’s a virus issue.
I think maybe its because it has two 2Gh Processors and 2 GB RAM, pretty intense - but I am not sure…

I installed SpeedFan and my hard disk temp has “green” mark - 45 C,
but both processors have “burning flame” mark - both 60 C
So I guess my HD temp is OK, but my Processors temp is high.

And whenever i put my hand on my laptop, especially around the touchpad area - it is always hot.

Any advices for me mates?
Do u guys think if I buy a cooler it would make a big difference?


Make sure your fan vents are unobstructed and can get the air flow they need. I have a TV tray that is slotted that I use for resting my laptop on and the temp seems to go down from sitting in my lap…if this doesn’t help you may need to get a cooling pad.

One of those wire cake racks that you use for cooling cakes from the oven might do the trick as well.

Excellent idea actually. Think I’ll try that with mine.

Yep, anything to get it elevated so that air can flow underneath.

The good thing about those is, your wife/girlfriend/mum is likely to have one stashed somewhere that you can “borrow”. :wink:

I know my mum does. Shame I don’t have a laptop!

It’s a shame you didn’t bake me a cake :slight_smile: