Do you folks spray your inkjet printed DVDs?

I own a R200 inkjet printer and I have tried (like a huge beginner:confused: )
to apply a glossy protective spray (Krylon) on couple of them.

So far, I have only managed to transform nice burned and printed DVDs in red higlight scandisk results.
I know it is not the printing itself because I have also check this possibility.
The spray find a way to be in contact with the burned surface and destroyed it.

What do you folks are doing to prevent this?

Thanks alot:iagree:

I use Krylon, but spray it very fast and for no more than 4 seconds. Remember to move the can around, quite a lot.

I agree that it’s better to apply a thin layer. Better two thin layers than a messy one.

Do you just put the dvd on newspaper and do you cover the hole?

Great question, I have been wondering the same my self. Damm coffee spills really mess up a great print job. :slight_smile:
One thing you might try is to spray in the cd holder, but only a guess.

I think we can get this spray everywhere in the world.

when we want to buy it, it’d better to visit paint shop rather than computer or photo

shop. because it was derived from coating spray that we use after finishing painting.

today I bought one at home-painting corner at Canadian Tiger (kind of wal-mart)

manufacturer : KRYLON
product name : Make it last!
product classification : Clear Acrylic Sealer
price : $5 (Canadian)

I use the Krylon. The key is an ultra thin coat. Took me 10 tries at least to get it right. I used to think I needed a second coat, but one seems to work fine.

Do not spray the disc in a jewel case type holder.
Lay it flat on a heavy piece of card stock and coat it very lightly x 2, 15 min apart.

I use colour protection spray and never have problems. (Except where to find it at a decent price.)

Nierle has it! 400ml for 10€.
just ordered about 200 DVD-R there :cool:

That is what I mean… I want a decent price. offers 400 ml for € 8,15, but I have bought it for 4,50 in the past.

Could you elaborate on the exact procedure a bit more? For example, should I wait 24 hours after printing my DVD before I spray it, or should I spray it immediately? Additionally, should I cover the hole as someone mentioned (if so, how?). Thanks.

BTW I plan to pick up Patrick Nomick’s spray.

Edit: Also, will it stink up my room, and is it recommended that I do this outside/in the garage?

Just to be clear folks, it’s Patricia Nimocks (available in gloss and matte). And yes, it does have a fairly strong odor and should be used in a well ventilated area.

Personally, I’ve come to prefer the finish of the Krylon over the Nimocks, it’s a little bit glossier, and the Nimocks goes on just a little yellow - although it does clear up when dry.

Just use it sparingly and experiment a little to learn your technique. Very light overlapping strokes going up-down then side-to-side.

I spray mine about 30 min after printing. Unless you are coating too heavily, there’s no need to cover the hole.

To avoid “underspray” and to be able to easily pick the disc up after spraying, just place the burned disc on top of the clear protective disc that is usually at the bottom of the spindle…

Colour protection spray (which is not the same as the krylon or nimocks stuff others are talking about) can be applied immediately after burning. I place the dvd on a clean piece of paper and spray it a couple of times, waiting ten seconds in between. No need to wait 24 hours to use the dvd after printing; a couple minutes will do.
Seems to me that using the same underground repeatedly will create a residu that could stick to the dvd’s clear and unprotected surface.

I’d like to try it.

Where can I get Colour Protection Spray In the USA?

Not sure, but you can try to contact them



Sent an email asking them about where to purchase in the USA. Will see what they say.

Bump, anyone know of a source for the color protection spray in the US?

Any clear acrylic spray will work. Krylon is available at most hobby stores and at WalMart.