Do you expect the price of blank CDs to drop?

The blank CDs I am talking about are those bulk packed, unbranded ones. Do you think their price has more or less hit the lowest prices that economies of scale would dictate? Do you think that with the introduction of the DVD, CD prices would drop further to give the consumer justification for buying the CD over the DVD?

The reason I am asking this is because I’ve spotted a good limited-time offer online for unbranded, bulk packed CDs. I don’t need blank CDs at the moment, but will probably do so the next 12 months or so. Would a good offer for CDs now be a bad offer, several to a dozen months from now?

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How cheap is cheap enough for you and how many blank CD-R discs are you going to spend in the next 12 months?

It depends on other factors like where you live and at what write speeds you are going to burn them, etc.

It has been very often reported that CD-R prices will move upward by Taiwanese DigiTimes and other sources and nothing serious happened so far. The year 2002 worldwide CD-R media production is estimated at 500,000,000 discs each month. Ritek, Prodisc, and CMC Magnetics each produce at least 20% of them.

According to DigiTimes, the profit margin for them has been very low. The raw material, manufacturing equipment, shipping, and license, these alone cost about US$0.2 to produce one 32-48x CD-R media. It’s highly unlikely that it could become $0.1. Of course, there will always be free CD-Rs, coupons, rebates, etc., but the average price will remain roughly the same.

1x DVD-R media price has already dropped to nearly US$0.5 per disc and I suspect it will further drop to around $0.3 early next year. So, CD-R prices won’t double or triple, either. There is no indication yet that any of them will reduce the amount of CD-R media production anytime before 2005 or 2006.

Current prices for cheapest cd’s around my general area would be around $0.20 at current exchange rates

Don’t expect them to drop… that is, till next year’s budget

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These would be MMORE/Alpha/Samsung/Ritek/Mitsubishi or any other unbranded media, no label, no case, no spindle even (nowadays they come in carboard boxes of 100+).