Do you eBay?



I just had one transaction before but I just started buying and selling some things recently. It’s actually quite fun :bigsmile:


I ordered some thing off eBay twelve days ago and am still waiting for it so dont think that much of the service some of the sellers offer and i paid in advance


I’ve waited 3 weeks before but got what I wanted. I like eBay only for deals and/or rare things you can’t find easily around town. :iagree:


Thanks for that i will just sit tight then and hope the post is not all its craked up to be in this country at the moment so you never know when it will arrive :cool: :cool:


I have never sold anything, but I made more than 100 transactions as a buyer. Mostly international transactions (from USA, England, Singapore, Australia, Argentina, etc. to Italy). Mainly music CDs… you can find amazing items (I bought also a japanese Sheryl Crow laserdisc, and I don’t have a LD player! :eek: )
I have ever been fully satisfied… some delays sometimes, but I never had serious problems. Feedback method works quite well IMO! :smiley:

Nowadays almost 100% of sellers admit Paypal as payment, so also international payments are easier.




My only experience with ebay(uk) was a happy one. Being a vinyl Junkie i placed a bid for an album and after being successfull, it arrived at my door a few days after completion.Bearing in mind that it was shipped from Canada,i’ll
have to say that the turn around was excellent.
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What are the options? I can only see dots w/ Safari as my browser.

But yes, I’ve been ebaying for a few years.


I’ve never ebayed. No credit card…


I only use eBay to find ugly Jim Beam decanters… (do a lookup on Jim Beam and see the horror for yourself). I never bought something from them though.

Too bad… they offered a bottle of Johnnie Walker blue label for just $54… and that’s real cheap; I was too late!


Its a good place to get some older games very cheap :slight_smile:


new ones too!


Lot’s of auctions will accept Money orders and other such methods! :smiley:


yeah, i always use paypal, because you can use bank transfers.


You just gave me an idea. Check the new poll.


Nope , i use the Amazon MarketPlace. It’s waayy more secure than Ebay will ever be.


Ebay user since 1998. In that time, I have sold three high-end bicycles, a top-end PowerMac (back in `99), and countless other bits of computer gear and electronics. I’ve also bought a fair amount. Ebay is great for finding computer hardware that just isn’t available anymore, like when you need a specific CPU, or a mainboard to match one (processor, mainboard, graphics card, and RAM for the fiancee’s system I just built all came from Ebay quite inexpensively). If you know what you’re looking for, Ebay can be pretty darn good.

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You can setup your paypal acct to pay by credit card. And when you get scammed, you can cry a river to your CC company.

eBay is the best. For a while I couldn’t get rid of these stuff I have that were dropped from trucks 'cause the damn pawn shops require signing forms and stuff. But ever since eBay came along, I had no problem moving the “stuff”.


I got a few credit cards and am happy with eBay and PayPal :slight_smile:


A few times


Got some nice stuff left? :smiley: