Do you drink?

Just wondered who really does drink in here…

I used to drink loads, but being a wee bit older now, i can’t handle the next day :a :Z

Yo S_S-

Drink socially - now smoke free for past 4+ months-


yes, just got back from the shore in a house with 20 friends, we drank 15 kegs in 7 days

You mean alcoholic beverages and/or normal beverages?

Normal: Ice tea, lots of it. At work usually double espresso’s.

Alcoholic: Usually the cheap stuff (pina colada, apfelkorn, stuff like that) when i feel like it. Just empty the bottle and that’s it. Some beer here and there. But on (and much more enjoyable) rare occasions i like to share an old whisky with friends. Still have some 17 year old Johnny Walker.

Not really.

Where is that kool-aid?

i drink before I am :smiley:

Only at the weekend.
And often too much :stuck_out_tongue: Millers MGD rocks

your weekend have 7 days … :bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile:

Joking of course:p

liquid diet days are getting to be fewer and fewer but i still get waxed when it’s appropriate…

I forgot to drink.

on occasion :slight_smile:

I saw what it did to poor poor Womble so now I drink to forget that sight.

Same here

Coors Light :slight_smile:

Nothing beats a good scotch!

Couldn’t have said it better.:iagree:

Beer, and wine (ya know, german mother and italian father :stuck_out_tongue: ).
But not that much nowadays, I have to lose some weight. :frowning:

:slight_smile: ET :slight_smile:

Beer for fun
Shroom tea for trippin’