Do you doubt a lot?



Some people just can’t make decisions. They keep switching back and forth over and over. The rest of us humans are annoyed by this behaviour, so here is a chance to get included in the statistics. Do you doubt a lot?




No, not really. Once I make a decision I stick to it. But making that first decision, damn, yes no, no yes. maybe, unsure. It’s almost a full time job.


No doubt, no question, no imagination… just obey is what we were taught since the birth, but I’m a born rebel. :bigsmile:


No doubt, no question, no imagination… just obey is what we were taught since the birth, but I’m a born rebel.

LOL…even at work??? wat if u had to make a really big decision??


Who said you can make big decisions? You have no rights but to go to piss up to 5 times or 10 times during the business hours.


i’m confused…lolz


Try to find a South Korean national (a native and one doomed to live very poorly within the system) that criticizes South Korean system and its people other than me. That’s a good sign that normal South Koreans are brainwashed from birth to death. To doubt is too dangerous for survival. It’s relatively much easier to find Chinese and Japanese that criticize their governments and their people where other nationals can read and hear and how many people in the United States say very poorly of CIA and the White House right in front of thousands of Europeans and Asians? :slight_smile:


the next day after a long night out on the town :slight_smile:


No. I make a decision that is usually the end of a process. It depends on the situation how much I “doubt”.


no. my decisions are fast without doubts…


I make a decision when I feel there is enough information available.
If not, I go ahead with something as far as available without committing to it, until enough information is available.


I can understand someone ensuring that they’ve got enough information to make a big decision that could make or break a company, but having doubts about petty decisions is painful to see. Even worse are people that ask your advice about a decision then pick holes in it afterwards. :frowning:


Lol. Petty matters… :slight_smile:
Some things don’t deserve qualification for thought bandwidth :wink:


yes … no … yes … :slight_smile:


i doubt other people never myself cos im always right!!!


ermmmmmmmmm i dunno.
I doubt i can answer this question properly.


The poll itself was very doubtful in the first place. :bigsmile:




Never! :cool: