Do you collect anything?

“Hoarders” is on Bio at the moment (commercial break though hehe), and there’s a lady on this week’s show who, as well as being a pack-rat in general, collects teddy bears. :slight_smile:

Which got me thinking - anybody here collect stuff? Maybe anything to do with dogs, or cars, or whatever.

I guess I collect Hello Kitty stuff (whodathunk :p)…oh and blank media :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone else? :slight_smile:

I collect cute, intelligent and kind women…unfortunately I have none in my collection so far :wink:

I have a collection of old cassettes, back from the early 80’s, but now i think that it’s time to start collecting… [B]cute, intelligent and kind women[/B].

Just broken hearts

[RIGHT]Can I have yours?

Hehehehehe I just set around and dust collects on me does that count? :bigsmile:

[QUOTE=deanimator;2574307]Just broken hearts

[RIGHT]Can I have yours?

My broken heart? It’s intact at the moment, but if it breaks, I might consider loaning it to you. :bigsmile:

LOL@ getit29 - so, does that mean you collect dust bunnies too? :bigsmile:

vroom’s post reminded me of pepst’s vintage computer stuff, wonder if he’ll drop in and mention it.

[QUOTE=Arachne;2574313]My broken heart? It’s intact at the moment, but if it breaks, I might consider loaning it to you. :bigsmile:…[/QUOTE]


Shoes and guitars, in that order.

I had to go count the shoes as I didn’t know for sure how many i had. 47 pairs, 54 if you count running shoes, trainers and slippers.
16 guitars but i haven’t bought a new one in ages, and have sold a few over the last couple of years.

We collect Dust and were very good at it. I use to collect stoneware pottery jugs but they got to be over bearing.I got some old tools mostly from my dad,O and collection music cds , mostly theBluesdon’t ask how many cds I have.

Just screemin" and crying" bout the Blues :cool::bow:

Not sure if this counts, but for the past couple weeks, I’ve been collecting snow (along with a little ice). I never realized how much snow a person could collect in such a short period of time. After only two weeks, I’ve got snow everywhere. I can’t even walk to my car without stepping in or over snow. It tries to melt and escape but more just keeps showing up. However, I’m kinda tired of it already so I’m gonna try to collect something else next week. Maybe some sunshine.

If anyone wants to get rid of some warm sunny days, feel free to send me a PM. Maybe we can make a trade.

I used to collect coins when I was younger.

Still have them all but haven’t added anything in years now.


My wife is very good at collecting useless crap (candles, flower pots and other junk women tend to need to have in their house).

My wife also thinks i am very good at collecting useless crap (video games, action movies, harddisks, dvd’s and other junk men tend to need to have in their house).

Our daughter doesn’t really collect anything but stickers, but she craps a lot in expensive diapers.

Blank media (especially from European manufacturers) and 8/16 bit computers. :bow:

I can’t afford to collect something… too costly :bigsmile:

Dean said you collected wine bottles:bigsmile:

i actually collect sugar bowls and creamer in depression glass… yeah i’m getting domesticated :frowning:

Dee I have too many shoes to count…they are stored in the apartment, and 3 other storage buildings…:frowning: i think i should let a few go to charity…so I don’t end up on hoarders show…

Dean a broken heart is a beautiful thing it shows that your willing to put it out there on the line… :slight_smile: when you find that one with the match to yours it will be whole again :wink:

Tax…you need to get busy with that collection…

[QUOTE=marloyd;2574441]Dean said you collected wine bottles:bigsmile:[/QUOTE]

He meant grappa bottles actually :bigsmile:

I collect old coins, this uncirculated 1883 silver dollar is one of my oldest :bigsmile:

Overseas currency.

[B]Swaloski Crystal[/B]
and Anime DVD / Blu Ray Disc