Do you choke on your Significant Other's Perfume?

I was sitting her quietly, pondering the meaning of life … , nah kidding … I know the meaning of life … laughing at noobs, when my Significant Other wanders in demanding some attention …

Then with arms wrapped around torso’s, head between soft squishy bits :smiley: … I get this funny feeling in the back of my throat. I feels like I’ve just swallowed a container of chalk dust … then the uncontrollable sneezing / coughing fit. Well, that’s a real mood spoiler.

After that, I can’t stand to be near her, until the perfume is GONE! Completely & untterly, at least 1 showering!

It dawns on me that their must be other people in the world with this issue.

Are you allergic to your significant others perfume/ colgne/ whatever they apply in copious amounts?

Does your SigOt ask your opinion before purchasing & applying allergy causing ingredients?

Your thoughts!

Although i am allergic to many things, i’ve never been allergic to any of the parfumes my ex (or currents) wore… although i must admit that i am allergic to my ex./

I disapprove any kind of perfume. Just unnatural. And yes, I’m also allergic to some perfumes. :slight_smile:

I would rather smell his aftershave than smell sweat, especially at the gym :Z

You mean the smell of masculinity is a myth? :bigsmile:

It is for me, i just can’t stand that smell.

lol, hey as guys we are allowed to smell like onions when we sweat :bigsmile: LOL

Hubby straight from the shower, preferably still soaking wet, will do it for me every time. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to admit …i like to be around a guy who doesn’t have body odor…but i don’t like one whos swimming in fragrance either…

Yeah! Who wants to be a nurse, after all the blokes with the shocking body odour beat 7 kinds of heck out of the nancy boy :stuck_out_tongue:

I absolutely love my wife’s natural pheromone but alternatively she has some gorgeous ‘perfumes’ all of which suit her down to the ground!

Fortunately, she never ever overdoes it :flower:

man what a great thread …LOL cmon guys and of course gals you cant beat a bit of good old underarm beef hairy or hairless, snnnnnnnnnniff :Z :Z

to be honest id rather smell the tarmac but to be honest i’d look a bit crazy or desperate every time i saw a women and dived to the floor at the base of her feet :bigsmile:

perfumes great as long as it is moderation :flower:

great thread! :slight_smile: Although it must have been a terrible experience for debro :eek:
Up to now, I haven’t had similar experiences with my (ex)-girlfriends (knock on wood). Usually I joined them when they wanted a new perfume to make sure I’d like it/have no allergic reaction :slight_smile:

Usually I joined them when they wanted a new perfume to make sure I’d like it/have no allergic reaction
bad move - then you have to pay for it

And afterwards she pays you back, which makes it more than worth it :iagree: In the avatar she’s already in the right position :stuck_out_tongue:

lol is she a vampire hanging from the ceiling j/k :bigsmile: of course only the best chanel for her :wink: :cool:

Ι like it better when she does her job without me paying for the parfume anyway

and just what is her [B][I]job[/I] [/B] exactly???

Haha ooh what would she say if she saw what you are writing Hemi… :bigsmile:

one of my favourite points of view :stuck_out_tongue: :iagree: :bigsmile:
very popular in belgium :stuck_out_tongue:

@ Hemi: o-oh :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile: