Do you buy DVD+ or DVD- media, and why?

I’m a pre-newbie :slight_smile:
Saturday I’m gonna get my first DVD-burner, a NEC 2500.

So I guess I have to buy blank DVDs. Eventhough I found nice FAQs about both DVD- and DVD+ formats (thanks to this forum), I still don’t know if I’m gonna buy DVD- or DVD+ media :confused:

So I’m asking : What do you guys usually buy, and why ?

i would recomend you buy - as they are more compatible, more relyable and slightly cheaper. the only better thing about + is they are faster, but have more errors.

I only use +R - compatability is well overblown - scaremonging by those buying into -r in the first instance becasue it used to be cheaper - not so anymore.

+R has more error’s than -r - really? Got some evidence?

DVD+r with bitsetting should be your go. Leave dvd- behind unless you have some serious issues with DVD+.

i think its all a metter of personal preference and what your burner like, there is no “better” or “worse” :wink:

Both are fine although I’ve noticed that -R tends to be a bit easier to use in older DVD drives for computers.

thanks all for telling your personal experiences. I guess I’m gonna try the DVD+R first. If ever I get any problems, I’ll buy DVD-R next time!

It totally depends on your own situation. Some prefer -R, some prefer +R. Is there a major difference? No, there isn’t. Some DVD players can’t handle one format and in this case you would simply buy the format it does support. In my case, I prefer to use DVD+R media. I do this simply because my burners (Plextors) work very well with the DVD+R brand I’m now using (RICOHJPN). I do have some DVD-R lying around though just in case I need one. Good luck!

I buy strictly DVD+R media, even though I have dual format burners, just 'cause I want to. And my DVD decks play DVD+R.

My burner is a DVD+RW. And only works with DVD+R. My friend just bought a DVD+_RW so his works with both. I’ve tried DVD-R’s and they will not burn at all in my DVD+R drive. Not sure if this is the same case when trying to burn a + disc with a - drive. You might want to look into that.

DVD+R Book type DVD-ROM unbeatable.Rip faster and more compatible with standalone.

CD freak’s Michael Spath (spath) wrote an article on the relative merits of +R(W) over -R(W) but the number one indication of success is the media quality and not whether or not it’s +R or -R. There are exceptions of course and book-type setting for the +R makes the compatibity issues of the two media relatively moot. I am, at the moment, using -R Taiyo Yuden disc that I purchased at a bargain. Had they be +R Taiyo Yuden at the same price I would have purchased and used them.

My best advice is to invest in (though more expensive) RW media to cut your teethe on. As all of the above indicate, it really is more your situation than anything that says what media (you) should use. If you plan to back up movies or games, you need to read up a little and experiment what your dvd palyer or game console like. If you start with a couple RW’s both format, you can experiment and not worry about making a coaster. Even though they aremore expensive, you can erase a failed proect and try again on the same disc as you learn. :slight_smile:

that’s a good idea :iagree: , I think I’m gonna buy one DVD-RW and one DVD+RW for testing purpose. I’ll also buy a 25 pack of DVD+R, and if I encounter compatibility problems with standalone players, I’ll still be able to use them to do my backups.

Yap :iagree: same here. DVD+R media booktype DVD-ROM :smiley:

You are very right…you can always booktype +R to -R during the back-up as you learn. :slight_smile:

As you learn, you’ll find even the +/- issue is but one…burning speed, media quality (who actually made the blank) and software used to burn are all issues. :slight_smile: These are all things you’ll learn by trial and error, but you did buy a good burner, fun ahead for you…:slight_smile:

but if you use rw media than that is less likely to work with his standalone, and rw is a whole different are alltogether. usin +/- rw wont neceserrely show how+/- R will work :slight_smile:

OK…here we go…

Fair enough there are differences set top wise between burned + or - dvd/rw vs. dvd/r, This poster can find out the following if…dvd+rw works better for him than dvd-rw, rather than making coasters.

And with EITHER RW format in his desktop drive…he can quickly learn if his burning technique sucks, or plays back great on 1 or more pc’s, validating, it is his set top / game console that is picky, or the way the disc is being burnt.

Again…without making a coaster, and having learned along the way.

Just my 2 cents.

RWs are the bomb :iagree: . I’ve only been backing up for a short time and I still make silly mistakes. Go RW untill you get the process packed. Then you can try + or -.

I like to use +rw because the majority of my family’s dvd consoles play +r, but I know people who own equipment that only plays -r. I suggest you find out what plays best in your console(s). Have fun.