Do you burn mp3s directly to audio cds?

I’ve been trying to burn mp3s on the fly to audio cds using Nero, Adaptec, MP3 CD Burner and a few other packages but always get a buffer underrun, I think because of a 100% CPU utilization rate (burning at 8x). Burning on the fly at 4x works fine.

I have an AMD K6-450, 192mb ram, 20gb hdd and a hp9100 cdr drive. I’m also running the hard drive and the writer on UDMA 33, and I dont see how my system can be too slow to handle mp3 conversion and burning.

Anybody here have the same/lower configuration and is able to burn succesfully?

The MP3 files need to be converted.
Apparently your system is not able to handle both the writing and the conversion when writing at 8 speed.

So either convert them prior to burning at 8 speed manually (for example through WinAmp) or stick to 4 speed when burning on the fly as you called it.

They burn fine on conversion to wavs.

But apparently it can be done, because I’ve seen posts with people burning audio cds directly from mp3s with a similar configuration. I’m trying to confirm that and get things to work. Even more so, I’ve done it successfully before. Don’t see how it’s not working now, or working only at 4x.

It depends on what your system is running in the background as well.

For Windows 9x/ME it also depends on whether you burn right after reboot or after several hours (if Windows lasts that long :wink: )

i burn direct from mp3s at 16X
system specs: 800 MHz Duron 384 MB pc133 Sdram,burner is on PIO 4 mode