Do you burn ISO or UDF?



Do you burn data to dvd’s as ISO or UDF? I have been using UDF burning for everything.


I don’t think that is a problem. ISO was a much earlier format, so it is mostly meant for older systems - any decently recent one should be able to read UDF. And as UDF has improved capabilities, that sounds like a good idea.
I am no expert, it’s just my opinion though.


What about burning ISO/UDF (hybrid) in nero? would this be the smartest way to burn data? and with this method would you still have to check force compatibility under UDF tab for it to read in a modded xbox ? I would really like to know if it’s better to burn in ISO, UDF, or ISO/UDF


dvd movie must be iso/udf format, just plain data for backup etc you can choose udf or iso, ps2 is iso, and xbox has his own format thats a otherkind of iso, there are some nice utils for it to make a nice iso for the xbox