Do You Blow or Suck?

Everyone knows the AMD barton core runs hot, so i’m trying to cool it down as much as possible. I’ve found that sucking hot air off the heat-sink with a good 80mm fan seems to lower the core temperature compared to blowing cooler air onto it. I then adjusted my case fans so that the side fans were sucking the hot air generated by the CPU fan out of the case, and my top fan was sucking cool air in. :slight_smile:

My temps have dropped by 6 degrees Celcius - from 45 to 39 at idle - a great improvement. So what does everyone else do…what works best for you…do you like to suck or blow? :stuck_out_tongue:

My 80mm fan on the top of my Thermalright SLK-800 blows air through, and the hot air is sucked out the back of the case by a 60mm located directly behind the CPU area. The final way to reduce temps was switching to an Athlon XP mobile. My temps have dropped drastically, even at high clock speeds.

I have basically the same setup, slk-800 does its job well and i have a smartfan 2 on top. I have 2 exhaust fans directly behind the cpu area and 2 more sucking out (were sucking cool air in before) the hot air from the cpu fan. Two more fans sucking air in at the front, along with one on top.

Have you ever tried reversing the fan direction, just to see what would happen - of course each setup is different and what works for 1 person may not work for another, but a drop of 6 degrees is quite significant. What are your temps at idle / load? The mobiles are great chips; wish i’d waited and got the 35W 2400+ instead though.

I’m at 40 idle, 48 load - case temp at 23/24 and room 21 degrees.

Idle, my CPU hovers between 39-44C depending on ambient room temps; under load, I haven’t seen it go above 55C. I have no AC at home, so I think this is pretty good. For the summer months, I have backed it down to 11.5x multiplier, so I’m actually at 2.3GHz at 1.7v. 2.4 works great when it’s cold out, or under low to moderate load, but on a warm day if you load on Doom 3 or Folding@Home, it will lock up in about 30 minutes. I’m sure I can clean that up with voltage tweaks, but I really don’t have need to go faster than I’m at other than bragging rights. The CPU has gone as far as 2.5GHz @ 1.75v, but locks up quickly under moderate load, and while I’ve known people run them at 1.8-1.85v, I’d rather keep mine cooler.

Well I’m not gonna vote because I use neither, I have a watercooling system:) Yay. So my idle temps run at 27.5C on my XP 3200+ and about 30 under full load. But before I had watercooling on this system, I used to have my fans blowing hot air off of the AMD Athlon 850mhz.

Usually, u need to have a balanced air circulation to work effectively - in other words, maybe 2 blower fans in the front need 2 sucker fans (same size and rpm) at the back. This ensures a 100% air turn around in the box provided no obstacles, hindering the airflow, are in the way. However sucker fans may be bigger than the blowers but never ever the other way round.

my XP2200+ hovers around 40C at a room temp of 25C. Full load temp is 45C max.


I have a A64 3000+ with the box cooler on it… and it sucks (it’s quite good actually: cool and quiet :)). This fits my systems perfectly, as I have 3 intake fans in the front (placed in front of my hdds so they get some fresh air as well), 1 outtake in the side panel and three in the back of the case (actually, two in the case and 1 in the PSU that has a take-in as well).

My CPU stresses at around 40C, that’s not too bad eh?

Thats actually surprising to me, I couldn’t get my XP 3200+ to run less than 55C on stock HSF or with my Thermaltake Volcano 9 :frowning:

So I switched to watercooling. Yay! :smiley:

I have an Athlon 64, those run as hot as the XP’s do…

Well thats why I’m kind of confused; why didn’t I get good temps with my air cooling?

All 5 fans in my machine blow the air out of the case, except the second fan at the bottom of my powersupply.

What utility did you use to measure the temps on your athlon 64. MBM5 doesn’t seem to support it and i’d like to look at how hot they run. My bios doesn’t show the temps either unfortunately.

Thanks :slight_smile:

ps. tried overclocking on it, does it perform well?

here’s a site regarding this thread. they specialize in water cooling. dealt with them in the past and they were pretty helpful and reliable.

There’s only one reliable way to measure temps on a CPU, and that’s with a thermal probe. Assuming the probe is thin enough to fit under the HS, just tuck the tip of the probe up against the edge of the chip die. With copper HS, you can also get a pretty reliable temp by sticking the probe to the bottom of the HS.

I get the coolest temps on my XP-2600 just by removing the case side, and leaving the front intake, rear exhaust, and top exhaust fans running.

all my 5 case-fans, my 120mm power supply unit fan, my cpu fan SUCK everything out of the case…

btw: …and if that wouldn’t be enough, my girlfriend s*cks well, too… :wink: :iagree: :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :cop:

the best soluction is VAPOCHILL :slight_smile:
but then not everybody want to spend 800€ on a case

Sorry!! I made a hell of a typo. I meant to say that the 64’s don’t run as hot as the XP’s do…

My sincere apologies for the confusion :slight_smile:

Oh I see said the blindman, no worries.

Thermal probe is good, but not for a laptop. I really would like a utility that will give me an (allbeit approx) temperature reading. Thanks