Do you believe in UFOs?

I really would like to see someone from outer space land here so we humans would stop fighting over such stupid things, but understanding the distances and all it really is hard for me to think people from other worlds are going to be able to get here.

I would really like to see a paper state a ship form another world just landed and the first question they asked was why we kill so many in the name of religion.

Are you sure you want aliens to land their spaceships here on earth?

There have been many independent documented examples of aliens coming to earth and even landing here and making a mess of things, so perhaps it’s best if they just stay away?!

Not all aliens are friendly or hot, you know! Some of them are very rude!

Some of them are rather unfriendly, even when they say they come in peace. Some of them are downright nasty, and some are just plain weird.

After presenting you with these well documented facts, I rest my case. :smiley:

You make them sound like humans

Well, it’s quite logical (human logic that is) that beings from other worlds would kinda look like humanoids. I don’t expect a dolphin to manufacture a flying spaceship even if he’s intelligent enough. Or could an entity with no limbs control moving parts or various objects? There probably will be some common characteristics unless they are doing everything with their mind.

Simply because we are humans, our imaginations are limited to human level of intelligence.

Would such beings tolerate us or replace us? Humans surely do not want to give monkeys and dogs voting rights, hi-tech knowledge, etc. not only because humans are as selfish as all other live forms, but also because humans distrust all other life forms because humans believe humans are most intelligent and thus only humans need to have power over control of the only planet humans reside on. For that matter, why would any god tolerate or even acknowledge humans if there’s any?

It’s very superhuman and reasonable to hope and expect to see another life form that is also much more intelligent than humans. But it’s even more superhuman to hope and expect to see yourself (and for me, myself) go extinct. The former isn’t important as human feelings and thoughts simply don’t matter in the eyes of superior and godly beings. The latter is because it could help make the pain of loss easier.

It is hubris to think aliens would resemble us in form or share our “values”. It is our conceit to think nothing can surpass the human species.

I personally would like to see the religious fundamentalists and creationists react to alien visitors.

I see UFO’s every day…If they’re not flying, they’re disguised as Oldsmobiles, Cadillacs, or Buicks, and the aliens piloting them generally are much smaller than the average human and have this irridescent blue hairdo…

Let’s hope such visitors have no desire to be regarded as the basis for any new religion.

Having said that, I do believe there are flying objects which are sometimes immediately unidentifiable.


Hehehe :bigsmile:

You’ve seen them too?

Every week :eek:

Me too…I wonder if it’s a sign of the end times…

Earth is the insane asylum for the universe. /.

Wow, you have some ‘strange’ cars in the West of England, Arachne :eek:

I think only a select few see them :eek:

There are also little green men sniffing TY media in the West of England? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe i have seen a UFO, but no one else believes me, or doesn’t want to believe me as it’s more comfortable that way. :slight_smile:

LMAO…Yes, I’ve seen them!!!

Ughhh…ok I guess I don’t know you well enough to be that rude and actually write what I was thinking…but I thought it was kinda funny… :stuck_out_tongue:

They will just invent bigger lies.

I have a Sane stamp.

I’ve seen lots of flying things that I have no idea what they are … including funky flying objects that look like the cool light warp thing from predator (funky light warp things 3 times in fact) all without the aid of alcohol, drugs, or any optical lenses.

I still think humans are alone in the universe (and will remain so indefinately) & that religion still has a relevant use in these troubled times.

The problems is that these trouble times are caused by people who say they believe in one God the same god that other religions believe in but the kill people in the name of there believe in this one God.

I just think that it would be nice if God allowed some other beings from another world come here so we humans might start acting like Gods creations should act.