Do you believe in karma?

do you believe in karma?

i am interested in if anyone would like to elaborate on how karma (the ‘what goes around comes around’ philosophy) has meaningfully affected their lives? as in if youve done something good and experienced something good in return or conversely, if youve done something wrong and youve been repaid negatively?

even if you dont want to elaborate on any life experience(s), i would be interested to know what your disposition on karma is. (i.e. yea or nay).

as a final note, to try to include everyone here…i want to refer to karma not strictly on a relgious level, but also on a spiritual or personal one as well.


hopefully clarified the difference between religious/spiritual and personal/spiritual. :slight_smile:

oftentimes, religious sense IS the spiritual one.

well, i bought her dinner and she…(whatever the evil grin emoticon is)

the end.

There’s no karma, but there’s cause and effect, eg, if you ask stupid questions, you’ll get in a nice mood today, so I’ll spare you the B word slap.

Karma maybe exist.
Question is do you believe communism?

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Actually I’m trying to hurt people, especially some who think they have power to delete something they think wrong…

Nope, dont believe in it.

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Flying Holandman, what is your meaning? Please explain clearly,
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Flying Holandman

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What is my meaning? :confused: Dont understand what you are saying. I said that I didnt believe in karma. Dont see anything to back up the idea. Except for maybe your consciousness and how sins eventually take a mental toll on you. Other than that I dont see anything to support karma.

Well, I try to be honest and good to others and I have a very happy life. Don’t know if the two are connected, maybe yes, maybe no.

If I’m kind to other people I expect them to be the same to me. I can honestly say I’m always nice to people until they deserve otherwise.
Now if that is karma then sure I belive in it, but I think most people who live by karma belive that they’ll get some sort of divine reward… And that I don’t belive.

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Originally posted by pyzll
Actually I’m trying to hurt people, especially some who think they have power to delete something they think wrong…

ghandi thought he had the power to delete something he thought wrong. are you trying to hurt ghandi? :stuck_out_tongue:

Who’s Ghandi? That great indian father?Sorry i’m from China, I only know his Chinese name, not english name…