Do you believe in god?



Well… do you believe in God? Or some form of greater power? Do you believe that “God” was just something made up to explain what humans cant understand?

Maybe this thread well just end in a massive flame, lets see if we can keep it civilised.

Ben :slight_smile:

ps. votes are public, so don’t vote if you cant back up your argument!


hey Ben, I can’t say that I see any logical, scientific reason to believe in the judeo-xtian concept of a god. I studied religion and philosophy in school so that kinda screws up your abiity to have any faith at all in anything. Prob why I fell into Ch’an Buddhism really. There is no tenet of faith in any thing beyond what is written and what can me seen and experienced for oneself.

Great question, I hope it doesn’t lead to something akin to a first year philosophy class, that would be ugly. :wink:


Of course yes.


I believe in my own kind of God.


If he really exist, then he disapointed me so many times that I don’t believe in him!!!


That was why I never used to believe in him.


I believe in many things … i cannot say if its actually God, but i do believe that there is “someone/thing” that we cannot actually see.
I am a strong believer in life after death and think that maybe that is when we meet our " maker "
And God is always someone we can blame/thank when things go right or wrong


no i don’t!
i don’t have enough time and don’t speak english good enough to describe and prove why i don’t, but i don’t believe in something like “god”…

btw: didn’t you (Ben) already make such a thread some months ago?


Just a few years back (100, for example), there were a lot of things that humanity did not understand or even thought to be possible. Some of these things got real and common nowadays.
Since written history, humanity has often portrayed things that were not understood as the work of a higher being (be it God, Allah or whatsoever). The more we advanced, the less we thought to be supernatural but just natural facts we didn’t understand at first. And so here we are, more advanced than ever (duh) and understanding more and more. Still, stuff we cannot get a grip on, we portray as the work of a higher being. My theory is that with time, we will learn more and more about the things we don’t understand right now and the reasonability in believing in a God will fade away.

No I don’t believe in a God. The story above is one of the many reasons why I do not believe in a God. That doesn’t rule out there is something bigger we don’t understand… maybe there are multiple dimensions, ascended aliens and whatever other things Hollywood made up…I see no point though in considering that as holy or such. I guess that’s a personal thing though…!


No, I made one about warez :slight_smile:


No, i don’t believe in God… I also don’t believe in heaven/hell, or something after your death.
I can’t explain why, it’s just how i think and feel about it


Yes but it was mostly about god
Anyway my answer is NO i dont believe in god nor do i believe in fairy,s or santa claws…
In other words i dont believe what i cant see…


Yea I believe in God. I guess it has alot to do with the way/beliefs you are raised as an infant.


nope…just another human/social construct.


Ben, read Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code.
It is fiction … very close to reality in some ways, though.


I say, if there is something out there then you’re gonna find out when you’re dead and buried and not before so leave it until then, you can go backwards forwards and 10x sideways trying to work it all out but no matter how much you try you will never know, all you will do is pop your head so to speak.

therefore i neither believe or disbelieve in god or any gods, the bible however i believe is the biggest pile of contradictive bllcks ever written and why people follow it i will probably never know.


So everything you have not seen does not exist?


but its somebody nobody has seen or has proved exicts untill they do i dont believe…
Its like the loch ness monster we all like to believe but we know its not true…

This sums it up for me


Hmm is that right? My parents (and the biggest part of my whole family) is pretty religious. I guess they are even more religious than many elder people are. Since the age of about 10 I stopped believing. I don’t know if that is because I started thinking like I still think or that I just hated my parents forcing me to believe in something I didn’t want to believe in. Seems to me someone could devote a study to that :slight_smile:


yes . im GOD