Do you believe in a better world?

Wars, religion, hunger, plagues, bird fLu, earhtquakes and tsunami / Nice movies, better technology, good music, loving friends and a heartwarming family.

Do you believe in a better world or is it ok as it is?

Airhead’s a hippie.

A little luuuuuuuuuv goes a long long way.

Be happy. :iagree:

Your kidding right? Can we pick a day when the end finally happens. Local news paper front page today. Person throws eight lab puppies out of moving car window to discard them. Need I say more

And people wonder why I carry a shotgun when ever I go out :confused:

Not in this world :disagree:

yeah i do belive in a better world…lets kill all the Arse Holes…and volia’ better world :stuck_out_tongue:


Now that would be a BIG pile-eh!

Dunno about AH, but I’m a hippie.

You live in that Danish hippie community? :slight_smile:

It certainly does on street corners in Oxford street, Sydney :wink:

People are bastards & make the world it is today.
Deal with it. Or buy a gun!

I demand less violence, or more opportunities to participate (in a non-receiving role) :stuck_out_tongue:

Right on dude!

Hellllll no! Them folks from Christinia are just a bunch of capitalist’s in disguise. :bigsmile:

Better than what??

But, but, but … the problem with that is in the process.

The only people that would volunteer to pull the triggers would be other arseholes.
Then you’d have to execute the executioners … with more assholes pulling the trigger. And then who would volunteer to kill the second round of arseholes, knowing that they were the 3rd round of executions?

Eventually, we’d be left with significantly reduced arseholes in the world … but it still doesn’t eliminate the problem? Eh?

Arseholes breed arseholes.

Do I believe in a better world? Geesh I dunno. On the one hand, I’d say that we’ve come quite a long way. We fight less wars then we did 5000 years ago. On the other hands… modern wars are more destructive. That makes me think… did it get better or worse?

Some things are of all times. Diseases is one of them. Nowadays we laugh at certain diseases that were quite lethal a couple of hundred years ago. I guess we’ll be laughing at aids and cancer in a few hundred years from now. But… I also guess we’d be scared as death for yet unknown diseases.

What about those warm friends and caring family? There might be some hope there. Suppose something goes terribly wrong on this world… well… we all know that crisis situations brings people to gether. So… maybe… a world that is way worse than ours will bring the human race back together. For as long that doesn’t happen, I’ll keep dreaming… for my world to become better.

For me who grew up in a very fast-changing (fast-growing) society, believing in a better world is more powerful than any religion.

Try living in one of the poorest countries in Africa for 10 years without any plan or possibility to come back to your home. Make it a very forceful commitment so that you will NOT be able to come back on your own will until the 10 years pass. And then ask the same question to yourself again. :slight_smile:

Science and technology are introducing all kinds of dangers, real or imaginary, but that’s only part of the nature of the nature. Humans living in this nature are just learning more.

whats wrong with being a hippy?? :flower:

I cant believe there was a flower there :clap: :smiley: :confused:

I like hippies! But I don’t think I could eat a whole one.

Besides, they come already marinated in marijuana sauce :slight_smile:

Capitalism is the only system that works. :smiley:

Democracy works. Capitalism is just the remnant of Feudalist system that preceded it. Aka rich lords whipping peasants & stealing the profits from their labour.

Each system of order ever created, is partly the system that used to be in place & partly what it will become. Hopefully it’s an improvement over the predecessor, rather than a degradation.

Eventually societies will get along together & we’ll all live in Eutopia, truly equal rights & workers will reap the profits from their own labour, and etc,etc. Of course, that’ll be well beyond our lifetimes.

In the meantime, buy some oil & some antiseptic cream, you’ll need them before & after the whipping :stuck_out_tongue: