Do you believe EVERYTHING you read?



Not to slander too much here, but this is just getting out of hand… you people belive too much of what you read on the internet.



I could go on and on, but you people need to read these rumors you see with a grain of salt or something - don’t assume just because it’s been posted on the internet that it ‘must be real’…

What ever happened to that supposed Yamaha drive that could copy and read DreamCast discs? Hmmm…

See what I mean? As I said, I don’t mean for this to be slanderous to whoever puts this site on, but you never respond to any e-mail I send… soooo I might as well warn the poor souls who look up to you all for good advice.

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I agree with you, but sometimes it’s hard to know if a rumor is real or not.

So, do we have to assume everything is fake until we see some proof ?


I know it’s hard… but it becomes a LOT easier with two things:

  1. Informed sources

  2. Experience

I’ve got both on my side, fortunately. I’ve offered my own help to this site many times, but never got any responses… so that’s why I posted the message above… I’m not one of those people who’s out to b!tch about everything and accomplish nothing - it is my own personal mission to stamp out the rumor mill just as fast as I can… but good god, it’s a hard task…

With a voice like the one you have here at CD Freaks, you should be on top of it all - and you should surround yourself with people who know what they’re talking about so you don’t end up looking like an a$$hole in the process…


The Ultimate How-To Guide for Copying PlayStation Games -


Yeah, you’re right. Keep us informed if you have some important facts. And keep up the good job. Thanks.


You know, that’s great that you say that and all, but I have no contacts.

Would someone from this place please e-mail me and tell me who I should be talking with about all this? It’s easier to help when you know who to talk to…


Carter, I went to your site and followed your instructions for copying PSX games with cdrwin, and I had no problems at all so far, perfect copies, I just want to say thank’s without your site i’d be lost