Do we still need dvdshrink?



If i have 3 AVI files to convert to DVD, do you use DVDshrink to shrink(RE-author) 3 dvd files? or the ConvertxToDVD itself is good enough to handle all the job? TIA :slight_smile:


I’m not sure I understand your question, as DVD Shrink does not convert AVI/MPEG4 or any other video formats, it only works with DVD Video-compliant DVD files.


sry for confusing.
Let’s say i have 2 AVI files
i convert AVI-01 to DVD-01
convert AVI-02 to DVD-02

then i use dvdshrink to shrink DVD-01 and DVD-02 to one 4.7GB format DVD file. and then use nero to burn it to a blank disc

My question is , do we need dvdshrink to do that? or the VSO itself is good enough to handle several AVI files.


Yes it is.


ok i just did some test.
let’s say if i use convertxtodvd to convert each AVI to DVD
AVI_01 => DVD_01 = 2.7 GB
AVI_02 => DVD_02 = 2.8 GB
Then i juse DVDShrink to shrink DVD_01 and 02 to a full 4.35GB.

but if i use convertxtodvd to do all the work. the DVD file i got is less than 4 GB.

So, the method with DVDshrink MAY have better quality cause its file size is bigger.
My version is 2.1.5. I’ll try the latest 2.1.10 later.


No, bigger filesize is not always better quality.
In many videos there is a lot of static scenes, black fades and silent moments.
All of those can usually be shown using low bitrate with good quality. That is what CxD is doing to achieve smaller filesize.

Try both and compare results, that is only way to really tell.


hey,my query sort of fits into this so i posted in here,

i have downloaded a film,it has come down as 2 seperate files

in size each is 700mb so 1.4gb,i would like this on one disc,problem is,the other day i tried converting blood diamond which was also split into 2 seperate avi files,i never burnt straight away just converted now i cannot get it to fit onto my DVD+RW disc as the disc isnt big enough

if i convert my new film which has been split into 2 avi files and bur straight away and let VSO do it for me will it fit onto the disc or will i have the same problem?


I’ll do that later. I believe you’re right. Besides, DVDshrink is old and not updated for quite some time.