Do we start a new addition for DVD95COPY program? *NEW*

Do we start a new addition for DVD95COPY program? NEW
Well, there’s a new kid on the block from Germany. DigiMagic Tech has a DVD9 to DVD5 copying program that really compresses the menus and such that we don’t give that much worry about anyway and save the main part of the DVD for the Movie that we DO care about.

Their linkDVD95COPY DVD95COPY HOME PAGE link should shed a little more light on their program for all interested.

I clicked on their “purchase” link, and it seemed to have a bit of difficulty… (wonder why?? LOL), but I paid at paypal with no problem as they are an international registered company there. their e-mail for purchase at PayPal is… And it went smooth.

Still would foster any ideas on how to get Pearl Harbor more balanced when I do a rip/burn… ie. move some of the *.vob files from the disc1 rip to the disc2 rip so that the first disc is not so compressed and becomes pixilated…

Will do a back up of my Men In Black full screen with this and DVD2one and take a look. Don’t be shy about figuring out the Pearl Harbor thing either… grin


Have you had any success? My Reign Of Fire R1 crashes the program half-way through… Am going to try Wind Talkers R2 soon!

missed it here too :bigsmile:

The program crashed every time I used it. Apparently (based on their support forum), others are having the same problem.

I’d suggest waiting til the bugs get worked out before spending the money.

Just out of interest, were the DVDs R1 or R2?

Im on the fence about this program however, one thing I have noticed is that the software seems to have a lot more developer interaction with customers than DVD2One. That can’t be anything but good.


I’m going to look pretty stupid … they were purchased here in US … R2? I don’t really know. I have seen the threads mentioning problems with R2.

I guess they’re actually R1.

This program has yet to work for more than 46 seconds before crashing. Too bad, it did seem like a usefull app. Guess I will use DVD2One for now.

Just wanted to say, I had crashing probs with the demo version but I bought it anyway and the full version (which has just been updated to handle episodic DVD’s by averaging compression across all episodes) works a treat.

Sure there’s a few bugs but didn’t dvd2one have a few to start with?.. Plus the author is fixing the bugs quickly and is releasing updates quickly too.

Worth a try.

jwo62, even if it has problems, supporting this program now surley means it will be updated in the future?

I just used DVD95COPY to backup faceoff around 7.4 gigs, a little bit slower then dvd2one but faster then instantcopy, the backup works flawlessly usd my NEC ND-1000A to backup onto Ritek DVD+R with Nero, and it works good the menu’s look compressed but the movie looks like the original no bugs for me.