Do we need LightScribe?

Do any NEC users want LightScribe:

Not seen it discussed here so did a search on and but no info, so no wonder not much interest. Now we have tentative error testing, do you want to see NEC bring out LightScribe drives?

Only seen 8x DVD+R media @ £1.20 each and 52x CD-R media @ 0.65p each for sale in the UK so far, but seeing as +R DL media has not shifted much in price, would LightScribe make you buy another drive (in the abscence of NEC not announcing any LightScribe drives) and would you use it more than DL?

From what I gather it won’t affect your burning laser as it uses a separate one for the LightScribe process so your drive will still burn CD/DVD media as long as comparable non LightScribe drives.

The slogan for LightScribe appears to be: BURN - TURN - BURN as in:

  1. BURN your CD/DVD in your drive.
  2. TURN over your CD/DVD.
  3. BURN your label in the same drive.

Sound cool, or just a gimmick to sell drives?

Not unless the media is comparable to white labels in price (And easy to obtain). I can’t see many Ritek etc doing it though.

I’m interested in, I don’t have cd/dvd printer.

no “real” color print - so, who needs it?!?
takes 40 minutes on best quality (which is not compareable to a real(!) label-printer) - so, at least for me, lightscribe is useless for image printing, and too slow and expensive (media) just to write somethin on the cd - any cd-marker-pen is faster… :wink:

Can’t wait till it gets to 8X in color. Then I’ll get a “lightscribe” burner.

I have no need for it.

It’s too slow and too expensive for the media for my taste.

I’m not going to replace any of my burners for a LightScribe burner, and even if I had a LightScribe burner I wouldn’t bother to spend half an hour to burn a pretty image on it.

If the technology evolves to something considerable faster and less expensive for the media when it becomes time to buy a Blu-Ray or HD-DVD burner, then I might reconsider.

I’m a big fan of the Sharpie method of labeling. So I would vote I wouldn’t buy another drive if this were a poll :wink:

Well… I think a lot of conditions must be matched before it spreads widely.

  1. Speed upgrade. (At least 4x of DVD standard.)
  2. Cheap media. (Well… paying 10 or 20% more is acceptable but… there’s a long way to go)
  3. Color write. (I’m not that critical on this. B&W doesn’t look so bad.)

So… I don’t think it will happen before we start discussing how good a TY bluray disc is. :slight_smile:

OffTopic : Hey, guys. Don’t you feel that a backup DVD should look uglier than the original? :wink: Even though people are very careful in their words, I believe many (or… most ?) blank DVDs are used to create illegal copies of commercial DVDs. Quality loss due to DL->SL copy and not having a good-looking label isn’t too harsh as a penalty, IMO. :slight_smile:

No use to me just now although i would just like to try it…

It’ll be a great technology for those who are paranoid about using a DVD burner as a ripper because it might wear it out quicker, and those who have to burn their 4X media at 16X. Can already hear the requests for a 16X LightScribe hack…

Brother Vlad

If possible… :wink: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

When will this hack be posted? :bigsmile:


I’ll stick with my Casio thermal labeler for smooth discs and good old Sharpies for the textured ones!

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Methinks NEC are being rightly cautious of this technology before commiting themselves. The slowness of burning the label will be a bug bear for some users, especially those that burn a disc at 16x in 6 minutes, then have to wait upto 40 minutes for a decent label, and I haven’t seen anywhere on the LightScribe sight that specifically mentions the time taken for burning a label, only mention of a 50% increase in speed!! Also, do you have to burn the disc first, then the label or can you burn the label first then the data?

Has anyone actually witnessed the LightScribe process? Just wondered what someone who’s actually seen it done thinks to this new technology twist, and did it impress them?

The new dye seems to have a shorter life as the dye used for recording, but I don’t think this will be a problem as most people keep their discs in cases/sleeves.

So, apart from lack of colour, speed, non eraseability (will they ever make eraseable LightScribe media?), needing new hardware/software and media, I think I’ll be missing the boat on this one then!

I’m intrigued by the technology but I won’t replace a drive just for LiteScribe. Honestly, I’d like to see it burn both sides of the disc simultaneously (don’t know if this is even possible) so I don’t have to wait extra time.

So you’d like to burn at 1x so the label can be burned at the same time would ya :slight_smile:

I don’t have a need for LightScribe.

No way, no how. Too cheap to waste my $ on this GARBAGE. It’s a great way to burn up your laser, though. Long live BLACK SHARPIES.

Total crap IMHO