Do we have a new cdfreaks troll?

Do we have a new candidate for cdfreaks troll?


should make it a poll and lets vote…:iagree:

Vote For Me. I like winning things.

Does the troll resemble something like this…:slight_smile:

Moles and Trolls, Moles and Trolls, Work, Work, Work, Work, Work…

Who cares!! :a :confused:

Me me me! I can be mean :a

You are better in winning avatar contests :wink:

it’s time for the 2005 contest btw.

i AM mean :bigsmile:

Not with a big grin like that, you aint! :a:a

Both of you shut up.


Namoh is the Man!!! :a :a :eek:

Do you have a problem with that?

Why do you want to be a troll? Are you trying to improve your status? :eek: :eek:

Nah, he just wants a custom title :wink: hahaha

Just checked. The 2004 one was in July so a bit of a wait I am afraid.

What if i do white boy?


I’ll have one of my black bro’s do this to you:

That is the most disturbing smiley I have ever seen :bigsmile: