Do Verbatim Lightscribe mini DVDs exist?

These are for my Gamecube backups. Very precious are my games, therefore I want to make lovely little pictures of my games on the discs.

So, I’m looking for the best mini DVDs with Lightscribe. Unless anyone has another brand something which is just as good?

I can’t find them anywhere… (I live in the UK)

Going by Verbatim Europe’s homepage, there aren’t any Verbatim 8cm LightScribe DVDs.
There are some inkjet printable 8cm DVD-R(W)s, however.

Doh! Should’ve looked there. Thanks for telling me.

Yes, I spotted the inkjet ones already but alas, no disc printer. And so I am left with the question of what to get.

Reliable mini DVDs - hopefully with Lighscribe. Anyone got any sugegstions?