Do turtles have a sense of humor?

I think so after seeing this picture! I don’t mean the fin and pretending he is a shark. I mean doesn’t it appear like he has a knowing smile on his face? It’s as though he gets it! :wink:


They live longer than us, and they eat jelly fish without getting stung, something humans are yet to figure out how to do.

Given the above two facts, that suggests they have already learnt more than us, and are capable of learning twice as much (they live upto 200yrs ++)
They probably laugh at alot more too, probably directed at us (as a species) :stuck_out_tongue:
Nuff said.

Personally though, I’d say he looks like he just soiled himself and is trying to shirk the embarassment by hiding in his shell.

I can hear him saying “Fear me now all you humans…for I will EAT you!” “BWAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”

Now that would be an … unusual, but possibly pleasurable, experience.

LMAO! :iagree:

It’s a silly picture, but it made me laugh too. That shark fin is so lame!

everyone needs a shark fin…and underwear on their head!!!

A sneaky dinosaur you got there, but imagine if a turtle could be trained to talk, then they’d do excellent as a librarian! Owls are just too plain scary to be handling people and the turtles are probably almost as smart, if debro is correct, and he always is.