Do the new 8x riteks work on the nec 2500?



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If your talking about Ritek R03 DVD+R, they arn’t that new, and have been working at 4x with the NEC 1.06 firmware, and 6x & 8x with Herrie’s hacked firmware (Beta 1.07, and 6x on this media is very acceptable, 8x is acceptable, but a bit too high PI errors for me).

Not sure about the DVD-R however.


Here is RITEKR03 sold as Traxdata K-Probe test.
Firmware was b7 what Herrie send to me, so I actually don’t know what’s the difference between final b7 and mine’s ver.
Burnspeed 8x.


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Official 1.06 from NEC only supports them at 4x. I have to look into the new TDK 1.33 firmware to see if they’ll work @ 8x there (not very likely though). I should be able to get them working @ 8x using the FUJIFILM03 strategy :slight_smile:



the Official 1.07 firmware still seems to be only able to burn them @ 4x. Do you think NEC will ever release firmware that’ll burn these @ 8x? or did i just waste money buying these 8x ritek r03s instead of the cheaper 4x?

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Ritek’s new 8x discs use G05 dye, they will burn @ 8x with the new 2.06 firmware or with herries v1.07 v2 beta 5

They work well for me


R03 are the 8x +R, G05 the 8x -R.

Have used them R03 at 4,6 and 8 times not particularly impressed with the results. In fact I gave the last few away. I find I get much better results with Prodisc R03 (8x+R).

Ritek quality control doesn’t seem to be that good.


It is funny how most drives seem to burn 4x at 8x better then real 8x at 8x, I have no clue why this is.


the G05 dye sounds like 8x DVD-R. i was talkinga bout the 8x DVD+R which uses the R03 dye. the G series i believe are Ritek’s - line. the R series I believe is Ritek’s + line.

as for the 2.06 firmware, is that coming out any time soon?

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Available here:


are u talking about the 2510 firmware which will allow the 2500 to burn dual layer dvdrs?

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You asked when the 2.06 firmware was going to be released. I pointed you to where it can be downloaded.

Any of the ND-2510A firmwares on the TDB site can be flashed on the ND-2500A to allow dual layer burning.


I got some very impressive results with RITEK R03 +R media with firmware revision 2.06. And yes, being able to burn RITEKG05 reliably at 8x is a bonus with this firmware release! :slight_smile:



Rumors are that Ritek’s poor G05 is what prompted the G06 to be pushed out so soon after the G06.