Do the latest STOCK firmwares have the DVD-R fix

Do the latest STOCK firmwares (in particular lightscribe version Liteon 165H6S HS0E) incorporate the “DVD-R lead-in fix” mentioned in the following post quoted from the Test Firmware Forum section:

18-03-2006 #3 C0deKing Section Administrator
Re: Test Firmware ANNOUNCEMENTS “165P6S MV7U Test Firmware with HyperTuning and OverSpeed support and DVD-R lead-in fix…” :confused:

Yes, all of the latest official 6S firmwares now have this fixed, plus they all have HT,OS and OHT.

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Thank you C0deKing.

Sorry for the dumb question C0deKing and to put my mind at rest,by official firmware,do you mean MS0P has the “DVD-R lead-in fix”? The firmware from here for my SHM-165P6S

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Yes, all of the current releases: MS0P, PS0B, CS08, HS0E

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Just curious… is new PS0B for the 160P6S basically the same as PV9N? If so, is it still best to move to PS0B?