Do the hard drive Lite On units use the entire disc each time you burn?

I was just talking with someone on a TiVo forum, and one complaint about their DVD-recording units is that when you burn a show off the hard drive onto a DVD, it uses the whole disc.

You could have a one hour show recorded at SP and burn it to disc, but you can’t keep the rest of the disc blank for use later.

One burn per disc.

No putting two or more episodes of a show (at ANY quality setting) onto a disc.

One show, one disc. End of discussion.

How do the Lite On 5026 and 5045 handle this? Same problem? Or can you burn one show and save the rest of the disc for a later burn? (Adding to the same DVD over a period of two weeks or more.)

I can burn multi shows to a disc. It all depends on what format you record in.

If I record a 2h show in SP then it will fill a disc up as its about 4.7GB in size.
If I record a 1h show in SP then I can fit 2 on the disc (as long as the total time is under 2h).

Liteon recorders do not allow re-encoding of files before transfer to disc, if you record for 2h10m in SP you have to crop off 10m before it will fit on a disc.

There is an option to “fit to disc” that makes your recording fit in the space left on a disc.

I think what is happening is that the person that only puts one show on a disc see the message that you must finalize the disc and does that before ejecting. You can keep a disc open and add to it later but when finalized you cannot add any more programs to it.


Appreciate the info on LiteOns, but as for the person I mentioned, best re-read my post.

We’re not talking about someone with a LiteOn.

The “one show per disc” machine is a TiVo DVD recorder.

It allows NO editing of any kind, and puts one recording on a disc. Even a one hour show at SP will burn to a disc and finalize, with half the disc being unused.

I just wanted to know if the LiteOn units were as lame as that.

Apparently not.

I may be looking around for a 5045, or at least a 5026. Do appreciate your help! :smiley:

I can confirm that my Lite-On LVW-5045 will allow multiple recordings to be transferred to DVD-R, -RW, +r and +RW until the disc is full. Even still, it does not automatically finalise the disc until the user manually finalises it. I have tested the copying of different recording qualities and these also copy without any issue, such as copying a 15 minute HQ recording and a 30 minute SP recording to the same disc. When it comes to editing, it is possible to split & merge titles (of same play mode), edit chapters and hide chapters. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, both the 5026 and 5045 US versions have a mono TV tuner and lack TV Guide support :rolleyes: , which means that when you schedule a recording, you’ll need to use a VCRPlus+ code or manually set the recording start & stop times. Besides this, it does support repetitive scheduling such as multiple days a week, etc. and time-shifting. As the 5045 and 5026 share most features in common besides a different HDD capacity, my review covers most of their features, with the exception that mines is the EU model, if you are interested in seeing their capabilities.