Do the complaints about the DRU-700A/SOHW832 stem from 8x writing?

Cause I have no coasters writing 4x to Ritek G04’s, and by Kprobe results look better than my DRU-500A’s. I could care less about whether it writes at 4x or 8x, just as long as it writes. To me, complaining that 8x burns have more errors than 4x burns is like complaining that my car isn’t as safe at 150mph as it is at 75mph.

I’ve been reading these DRU-700A threads under the assumption that the people here can’t get them to write any readable discs of any brand at any speed. Is the firmware issue a problem with 8x burning or with every type of burn speed/media combination?

Hehe its somewhat weird to think a 4x Media would successfully burn with 8x and work properly if its not used to be 8x Media.
In my opinion use 4x Media with 4x Speed and 8x Media with 8x Speed.
The comparisation with the car is quite interesting and its true.
IN the other hand you could say “i bought a car and it cant drive 250km/h because the fastest speed is 185km/h” g
There is no warranty that all 4x Media works with not compatible speed i thinkl.

I think that complaints tend to stem more from its pickiness with cheap media. But I guess overspeeding doesn’t help that matter. :wink:

But overspeeding is also on people’s minds because they want to get the most out of the drive. I know I certainly want to. :wink: And when comparing with other drives, since they can overspeed as well, people have grown accustomed to expecting overspeed abilities–I know that I certainly expect overspeeding. :wink: The problem with overspeeding on LiteOn is that all that’s done with LiteOn overspeeding is telling the drive to overspeed. Whereas overspeeding on the NEC also involves fine-tuning the various write strategies to allow better overspeeding. This kind of write strat tweaking was never really attempted (except for a few isolated incidents with the strat swaps) for LiteOn drives because it was just too much work…

A lot of this, I think, also has to do with variability of drive and/or media. I see a lot of people complain about bad burns and a lot of people praise their great burns. Some just have good luck and get a good drive that burns -R with the same quality as +R and some have not-so-good luck and get a drive that coasters every other -R disc that’s fed.

Is it possible to pick up a bad drive that is equal to another and from the same production company ? O.o
I got my new burner and the first think was firmware upgrade and i have no prbs so far even its a liteonSOHW832S (i have read many posts with bad experience)

I think I’ll go with the OC-Freak Theory…

My guess is that the majority of people don’t have any problems. LiteOn has a large market share, and with the large number of people who use them, there are a lot of people who have problems. But if you take that as a percentage of the total user base, it’ll probably be comparable to most other drive brands. And this is especially true for a forum like this, as few people will bother posting if all they have to say is “hey, I got a new drive the other day, and it works okay.” There are a few people who do that, but most people don’t see a point. Most people who post are those who have a problem.

I personally have never had a problem with my drive, and I’ve recommended LiteOns to a number of friends (who have never heard of CDF and are not into the whole forum thing), and they’ve never had problems, either. And while I’ve seen many posts or e-mails of bad results, I’ve also seen enough reports of good results to know that while “good” is not a blanket statement, neither is “bad”. With everything in real life, there is always going to be a bit of variability.

In my Opinion “the hey i got a new drive and it works” Threads are usefull so anyone with probs can compare their results with the mentioned in the thread or am i wrong ?
Sure most people are posting when they have prbs but when noone posts some good results i could think woah what a bad drive!
Im very pleased right now i had the thought maybe is something with the drive wrong when it was schipped but it was nothing to worry about.
Another point is many times the Media whoa was used is not the best i think in 50% or something goes wrong with the system.
Many german Boards are full of people who have not really experience with pcs but still working on the hardest things and then they have a failure and then is time to complain about the crappy hardware. ^^’’

PS: is somewhere a compatibility list for liteon drives for dvd-/+R ?

They’re useful. But it’s something that we’ll probably never see much of because it’s just how people are…

Re: compatibility… most decent +R and -R media works fine. The media market changes so much that it’s hard to really nail things down. Favorites for +R include Ricoh, TY, Prodisc, Ritek, CMC, MCC, and I’m probably forgetting some. Favorites for -R include TY, Prodisc, MCC, some CMC and some Ritek (Ritek’s recent slide in quality makes me wary of recommending them).

Thx for the good information (its hard to go shopping and buy media out of the blue(much crappy media in circulation) :bow:

ritek +R = :Z :iagree:

CMC +R suck! (variation of quality, some unreadable; PO avg. 200 in the middle of the disc, some are just fine PI avg. 20-30, PO total cca. 300-600)

I heard Ritek has altered the production to lower the costs ? is it true ?
I saw tha last few days some posts mentioned bad quality with usually Ritek Media.

Yes. Well, I think it’s more along the lines of reducing quality control… but the end result is the same: Ritek wants higher profits, so it’s cutting back on quality to hold down costs. Personally, I’m staying away from them now…

i hope thats not a new trend to reducing the qc i mean thats not really intelligent from the manufacturer. Nobody buys crap and is happy about it.
They should think who buys it and gets ripped off.

I’ve got Ritek G04 -R’s produced in April, the scans I get in kprobe give me a flat PI curve below 25 from end to end and with no P0 values above 4 with my DRU-700A on the YV05 firmware.

I’ve been using Ritek G04’s for the past year and I havn’t burned one coaster due to the media. The only two coasters I have made in the past year were from a firmware version for my DRU-500A that froze the computer, independent of media. I’ll be watching to see how the new Ritek’s perform and if there’s any descernable drop in quality.