Do the Asus 1608 and Buffalo drives have the same corrupt disk problems?



Has anybody checked if the Asus 1608 or Buffalo drive have the same problems as the Pioneer drives where it samsung/liteon/xbox drives can’t read(corrupt) the disk if using nero and dvd-r?

Anyone own an asus drive? Has this been checked?
Maybe if it is flashed to an asus drive it won’t have this problem?? Just a guess…

Check this out too… DVRupdate(supposed to be like DVRflash)

Download DVRupdate

You are supposed be able to flash from asus to pioneer and maybe to Buffalo??
I’m really sure(?) cuz i haven’t tried it
credit: intial_D


I forgot to check while I had mine flashed to 1608 (I have a liteon reader failing to read 109 -R burns). Except for the 003 Asus kernel version I don’t think it would make a difference.