Do the 1620s have problems reading low quality CD-Rs?



Over the years I have burned many CD-Rs on several different Lite-on CR-RW drives. I have used 10 or 12 different manufacturer’s CD-Rs.

[li]The better quality CD-Rs that I have used (TYs, TDKs, etc.) read on my 1620 with no problems
[/li][li]The lesser qualty CD-Rs that I have used (CMCs, Gigastorage etc.) sometimes require opening and closing the tray on the 1620 several times to get them to read
[/li][li]All of the CD-Rs read OK on various other drives
[/li][li]The 1620 has had no problems with any of the DVD media that I have used
[/li][li]The drive firmware is B7T9 and was manufactureed in Nov 2004
Does lower quality CD-Rs normally cause problems for the 1620? I’m trying to decide if I want to RMA the 1620 or not.


I have a Benq 1620, and experience similar problems, both with reading and writing CD-R’s, yet the drive works perfectly otherwise.

Let’s see what other people say to this?


Found that to be true with the BenQ and other cd-burners. That’s why I now have my Samsung CD-RW/DVD Combo drive in the external enclosure. I had some GQ and Memorex CD-R’s that wouldn’t read properly in the BenQ/NEC ND2500A and 3500AG but yet read back beautifully in the Samsung. I don’t think DVD Burners just have that large of a supported media code list for cd’s in general as it’s not their top priority. I’d keep an external USB capable cd-burner for those times or get a cdrw/dvd combo in for the second drive to your dvd burner. I can still burn up to 52x (not that I go that fast unless I goof up and I have already!) when I really need to do so even in the external enclosure.


like what braxas said…

try using a cd-dvd combo for reading…btw…liteon drives are good readers…they read even those badly burn disc…thats why for ripping…i use only LiteOn…Best rippers…:D:D