Do Taiyo Yuden discs only come in silver or white?



Great quality discs but look rather drab.

I prefer that they a print like Datawrite’s, nice colour, neat lines to write on.

Do they only come in vanilla?


Unless you have access to TY’s house brand: “That’s”, you can only get branded media (Verbatim, Plextor, Sony, etc) or generic.


But I thought the Verbatim Pastel CD-R are TY too, and they do have colors…


Thanks for the info.

Are those brands that you mentioned using the latest TYG03 dye?


Depends on where you are. If it’s 16x rated, it’s G03.
(keeping in mind that not all media from those brands is TY)


I’m from England, UK. I’ve been looking around for TYG03 branded media. I can’t find any Sony at all. And the sites that have Verbatim don’t specify what dye is on the 16X discs.

This is going to be tougher than I thought.


Just another question. What is the difference between G03 and T03 TY branded/unbranded media?


Just use search to find Taiyo Yudens on the second one. Generic (unbranded) seems to be the only way to get TYs here in the UK I have not had the good furtune to get any Verb TYs all they are is MCC over here.

G03=-R and T03=+R.

Other than that you will be luck tofind any here with the type of lines used by the likes of Datawrtie (though to be honest it is not realy needed).

PS: The second is the new link for SVP.


The 16X Datawrites are using TTH02, MCC03RG20 and RITEKF1 dyes which I’ve tried. Not very good at all. Guess I’ll have to get used to using silver discs.

Thanks again.


I have some :p…Verb-branded YUDEN000 T02s. I knew at they time that what I got would be a toss-up between TY and MCC - I was lucky enough to receive the TYs. I have half a spindle left, I don’t really wanna touch the remaining half, too precious. :bigsmile:

I’ve yet to see any Verb T03s, though…yum!


u can get 8x fuji TY media in colors :wink:


There’s your problem they don’t have the nickname “Datashite” for nothing. They are a third party seller so as you have found it is a crap shoot on what you get, and what quality either just because they say “A-Grade” doesn’t mean they are.

You can get Verbatims from many chops now, Partners the stationers being one, and these have lines on for writing even though the disc is a matt silverish colour.

I have some …Verb-branded YUDEN000 T02s.

Arachne you jammy sod. Post me some I beg of you… :bigsmile:


LOL, I think I have about 15 left - I bought a 25-spindle from SVP…bloody hell, I wish I’d bought more now. :bigsmile: