Do standalone DVD recorders have custom firmware?



I apologise if this question seems a bit nooby, but if you have seen in my other posts I have a Vistron DHR-5006 recorder. Cheap and no frills brand, of course, but do standalone recorders have a firmware which keeps it locked to that DVD burner?

The burner inside is a conventional is a trimmed IDE burner, produced sometime in 2007 (October, 2007, I believe…) something like you might see in a computer, so I had a theory.

I opened it up and and replaced the DVSKorea burner with an old Phillips I got from my old computer, and accidently electricuted myself in the process, silly me :rolleyes: Anyway, so I plugged it back in and turned it on, and the standalone just kept saying loading… Loading, and this would go on for what seemed like an eternity. In the end, I gave up, and reinstalled the normal burner again, which of course, worked.

So I’m thinking, is the standalone just got the firmware enough to recognise that one burner? It should work if I got like for like, but when DVD recorders can be got for less than £30 is seems pointless to do so. Although I don’t need it, is there a software or firmware upgrade which breaks this proprietary to recognise other drives?



Ofcourse this is standard.
Firmwares IS still special hardware-bound software.


@Chef, I thought as much, is there anyway I can overcome this firmware deal should I need to? one of my main fears is the laser not picking up the disc, but to get it to recognise a blank disc is very much hit and run for this burner. It’s a no name brand of course, but I’m thinking there might be similar recorders (eg Crown) which have same if not similar firmware.


What firmware and selection does the normal inside drive have??


I’m not quite sure, and I’m not inclined to open it up at the moment. (It’s in use at the mo :doh: ) But the drive in itself I remember is produced by DVSKOREA - Model Number DRL-200.

However, a quick check on IMGBurn gave me this on the RMAI (Recording Management Area Information):

“DVSKOREA DVS-LDR DRL-200 FA88 070710A0” - Any wisdom to anyone?


Those units were made in China for DVS Korea.

There aren’t even any original firmwares on their website so your chances of finding hacked versions are minimal.

The company seems to specialise in head units for in car systems and other such uses so although the drive may appear similar it could be the case that the drive you have is non-PC compliant.



Oh dear! :frowning: That seems a bit of a nightmare, including the awfully slow burning speeds (2.4x?!) I can’t think of many latest generation of DVD-Rs that would work optimally using 2.4x :doh:


[QUOTE=Chad_Bronson;2595576]Oh dear! :frowning: That seems a bit of a nightmare, including the awfully slow burning speeds (2.4x?!) I can’t think of many latest generation of DVD-Rs that would work optimally using 2.4x :doh:[/QUOTE]

2.4x sounds more like the write speed for dual layer media. :confused:

Does the manual list the write speeds for the different media types supported?



I don’t have the manual on me since I tossed it; But I don’t think the machine supports DL media. It crashed when I tried to do a DL burn on it…


Hello everyone :slight_smile: My recorder refused to power up a few months ago so I went out and bought a new one - A Techwood, brand new and boxed for £30 from Cash Converters* :slight_smile: I expected a brand new recorder with a new loader and firmware and, to my surprise, it was THE EXACT SAME LOADER AND BURNER (!?) that was on my old DVD/HDD recorder! Whether this is a good thing I can’t be certain, but the menu itself is different.

So a question came to me. I understand that no-name brands tend to use the same burner firmware / hardware, but to get it twice is just bad luck I guess. [B]How many brands operate of DVD recorders have the same hardware just on a different chassis? [/B]

So now I know Techwood, my previous brand, Tevion, and Coles have the same hardware / firmware as each other. Are they effectively the same thing just under different looks and brand names?

What hardware would I get if I went for a quality brand name, like Toshiba or Samsung? And what makes them any different from cheap recorders?

*(My local Cash Converter had several of these in white boxes with a label on them on what the product was called. As I opened the box when I got home, I was quite surprised to find that the item was still shrink wrapped with manual and remote - As I expected something second hand.

Where would they have got their products from? I know Tesco used to sell the same models in 2007 for about £60 so do I presume that Tesco must have ordered a certain amount and then sold on what they couldn’t sell to Cash Converters at a bargain price, probably all ready made profit on the ones they did sell?

I must say though it is quite a dinky machine. FAR better built that the P.O.S. I had previously and better built. It’s like I spent more than twice on this product :slight_smile:


Manufacturers sell their “crap” and overstocks to OEMs. :wink: