Do Standalone Dvd duplicators have cracking software

My company just bought 10 training dvds and they want to have them put into different sections of the building, so they asked me to copy them. I want to purchase one of the standalone dvd duplicators because we do copies often and it takes up my computer to do them. I always use dvddecryptor and dvd shrink to put these to dvd. I don’t know if the standalone can do what these programs do and crack the codes and macrovision. Can someone please help me. Thanks alot and Glad I could join the forum.

a duplicator is not going to take the place of dvdd or dvdshrink

are you sure the training dvd’s are protected?

Why yes i can help.

Contact the distributor for more licenses of the training dvd’s. This will stop you from commiting a felony.

Commercial DVD duplicator devices (towers or robots) will not copy CSS protected DVDs, period.


Yes. :bigsmile: