Do some pc's already come in pio mode?

I ask because i JUST bought a sony vaio laptop and i tested out dvdfab and imageburn…the entire process of backing up and burning a dvd took about an hour and a half. now on my 05 toshiba laptop, the same two processes together take about 30 minutes. this is frustrating given the guy at best buy was talking about how fast this dual layer burning drive was on the vaio and that the processor in the laptop was an i3…blah blah…i thought most laptops are defaulted to dma, but if not how do i change it to dma in Win7? i know how to do it in xp but its apparently not the same cuz i cant find it in device manager. I’m kinda pissed that my older laptop out performs my BRAND new one. any help or a helpfull point in the right directios is appreciated…:bow:


are you sure your drive is in PIO mode?
The method to find out should be the same as in Vista: provided, MS standard drivers for the controllers are used and the Sata controller your drive is connected to is in IDE mode. (I am assuming your drive is Sata since this is a brand new laptop).

Please check:

[li] what time is needed for reading?[/li][li] what time is needed for conversion?[/li][li] what time is needed for burning? Since you are using ImgBurn, the log is helpful for this.[/li][/ul]
What I can think of additionally:

[li]Your drive simply has difficulties to read that disc (perhaps due to poor reading performance). You may run a transfer rate test with a Data DVD.[/li][li]Sata controller drivers issues[/li][li]Compatibilities of your software with Win7[/li][/ul]