Do shiny silver inkjet printable dvds exist?



I bought some various brands of dvd-r in silver to try out on my r300 printer. They’re all that dull silver matte shade and I don’t really like the way colors come out on them. I also don’t like white tops either, but that’s all I can find in dvd+r.

Does any company make a shiny silver that’ll work on inkjets?. Or is shiny silver limited to thermal only.



These are the ones I use -


You actually print on those with an inkjet printer?


I’d like to know too. The specs say for silk screen but not inkjet. Do they actually work for inkjet? If so, I’ll find some to try.


I’ve been using inkjet printable media, CDR and DVD-R, for about six years now. There has never been a shiny surface available. The coating has to be somewhat thick in order to take up and hold the ink, which makes it translucent rather than transparent. I doubt that you will see a shiny inkjet printable surface soon.