Do scratches on a dvd hurt the recorder?

Since I’m very new at the whole dvd recording thing, I was just wondering…

Does the dvd recording “head” (not even sure if that’s the correct term
for dvd devices) actually touch the dvd surface? If not, then I assume
that a scratch or two on the dvd surface won’t hurt the recording device;
however, if it DOES actually touch the surface, can it hurt the recorder?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Not to worry, there is no recording head in a DVD recorder. Same as CD technology, a laser beam that’s mounted below the disc surface is used for reading and writing. The only thing that ever touches your disc is that ultra-thin beam of light that comes from the laser. Scratches on the disc may induce errors in the process, but that’s the biggest worry that you’ll have.

Thank you very much… :slight_smile: