Do RWs have higher total PIF/PIE counts than Rs?



I purchased some DVD+RW (4x FujiFilm) yesterday and did couple burns. The MID is RICOHJPNW11 (I believe this is a good one eh?? :D) but the total count is WAY higher than what I would get from my TY02’s.

For example, PIF total count is 7682 but the maximum is 4. PIE total count is 68xxx but the maximum is only 19.

I am wondering if this is normal… or not


Generally, I have found RW are higher than -R. I have burned your Ricoh W11s on my 3500 and I have gotten burns that are very close to my Prodisc S03, as well as my G05s and my MCCs. I don’t get as close as my best TY burns so I wouldn’t worry if I were you. You could improve your RW burns if you bought a 3500 but I don’t think you will just for that. Besides, RW are temporary and I don’t worry if they are not as good as the long term discs.


Actually those are excellent scans (only worry about the max values of PIE and PIF) for DVD+RW. I too use Fuji 4x DVD+RW and get values slightly higher than high quality 8x DVD+R media, but I haven’t had any playback issues even with PIE max at 200 and PIF max at 10 with +RW.


the more I erase and write will it cause more errors?


I burnt several more DVD+RWs and one of them had 3 blocks which contained 5 PIF errors… is that good? That was the maximum though… (5 errors).


A funny thing:
Error rates on my 716A with some Verbatim media:
+R DL 2.4x = <20
+RW 2x = <50
-R 4x = > 200
+R 4x = > 200

Isn’t that fraggin’ weird??? :confused: :eek:


I’ve found the Ricoh 4x DVD+RWs have as much as 7-10 PIF max, they read and verify fine on all players and drives I’ve tried.


My experience is also that PI/PO (and C1/C2 on CDRW) rates are generally higher than on write-once media, although I’ve only tried it on Verbatim 2x -RW and Verb 4x +RW. My Verb 24x CDRW generally has higher C1/C2 than the 10x stuff as well.


I have yet to see an increase in error problems although I have only burned 20-30 times. Most posters indicate that the disc just fails to burn when it is ready to give up the ghost. Sometimes a reformat will bring it back to life but at 33 cents I will take the hint and trash it.


thx a lot guys :slight_smile: