Do recorders affect final burn quality?

So the fastest is up to 52x now adays for CD-Rs. Great. The focus has been so much on raising that “x” number, but how is the burn quality when it is burned so fast with a cheap drive?

I don’t know if it’s just my stubborness or if there’s any validity, but for my important CD burns, I burn at 12 or 16x using my 16x Plextor writer.

Interestingly, the Plextor have never rejected any media, but my cheapo 40x12x48 have rejected a number of CD-RW medias.

The tests at make interesting reading…

The pit/land jitter should not exceed 35ns - many drives DO exceed this towards the and of a faster burn.

So in general, faster speed = lower quality, though modern media often does not perform well at low speeds either.

So with faster drives, the 48’s and 52’s, notching the speed down to 40, 32, even 24 will produce a better burn - some media will favour 32, other media will favour 24 or even 16, but some medi will deliver the best result at 24 and get WORSE if you take it any slower.

From another set of tests, Ritek CD-R media tends to keep a low C1 rate even down to 4x, while CMC does not like low speeds any more than it likes high ones.

With the right drive and media combination, you CAN get a good, fast burn, but from what I’ve seen of various tests, I’d suggest always taking one or two steps down from maximum on a fast drive.