Do "real" white printable TYG02s have "GG000xxx" numbers?

Can anyone with such discs (8x -R TY full-face printable) tell me if the GG numbers are on them, like on other authentic Taiyo Yuden TYG02s?

the normal TYG02 mid with GG will show up on regular 8x DVD-R TY OEM or even the Fuji 8x DVD-R MIJ, but I don’t know for sure about the full-face printable. See if you can find a full-face printable TY at someplace like, as they would list the mid of the media they sell. :wink:

I’m trying to prove these discs w/ the TYG02 mid are fakes…I have both shiny silver unbranded and Verbatim branded TYG02s, and they all have GG numbers. The seller of these printables (yes, Ebay :a ) thinks/claims they are authentic, but they don’t burn like TYs and have different numbering on the data-side ring. I’m convinced they’re fakes.

If you are convinced they are fakes, see if the clear, inner hub as a serial number in it. Blank, clear hubs with no serials usually indicate fakes. Click here to see the thread regarding fake TY.

The serial # is there, but extremely difficult to see because of the opaque coating. Use a penlight and shine it on the dye side and the serial # should glow red.

Does this mean you know for a fact that the printables have the GG numbers?

Would you like an affidavit, signed and notorized? :rolleyes:
It is extremely difficult to see on the printables. But ALL TY has it, no exceptions.

That’s what I wanted to know. Thanks.

…But ALL TY has it, no exceptions.

He is absolutely right!!! I use the hub printable TY in both - and + for 90% of my burns…

The TY stamper (GGXXXX for TYG02) is also visible on the recording side :wink: (it appears in black, there, funny).

Don’t buy discs on Ebay… there are reliable sources to buy genuine TY discs, why take risks?

I have hub printable +R and -R TY’s from Rima and yes they have TY serials on them.