Do plextor SATA DVD-RW's still use a bridge chip?

i am seriously considering getting a SATA DVD-RW with the PX-755SA being one of the ones i am considering. are there any that do not use a bridge chip?

They do, but it’s integrated into the board; i.e. it’s not an add-on like with the 712SA.

I believe the drive uses a Marvell bridge chip. Not native to the processor chip yet with their models.

Does it even matter if it uses a bridge chip or not? I remember the first two generations of SATA drives used onboard bridge chips which lead to a lot forum discussions about possible performance loss and bugs. Eventually the manufacturers removed the non-integated chip and some of them saved cost by integrating the SATA bridge onto the ASIC of the older ATA chip.

doesn’t really matter. An integrated (native) interface may improve timing issues vs a bridge chip, but any timing issues with a bridge are taken into consideration with design and firmware. Most issues, bridge or native, are still with the host SATA chip. Hard coded RAID still won’t work regardless, as the ODD uses the ATAPI and MMC command sets while RAID generally uses the ATA command set for HDD. First gen and some second gen mobo still have compatibility issues.

Anyone knows if the new PX-810SA has a native SATA interface? Or are there still IDE->SATA “adapters” used internally?

I don’t think you are going to see a truly native SATA DVD burner as optical drives are ATAPI devices.

You will never get any faster with SATA over IDE at this time :disagree: In other words 20X is 20X with both.

Hi :slight_smile:
Not true strictly speaking.
A lot will depend on the setup.
The advantages of SATA could mean that you get faster performance. (This would still be marginal if any @ peak speed, but the average could be higher).
Although the real area that should yield a difference is that of quality. The buffer should be better supported & lower drain on CPU.

i don’t had such thing in mind. it’s not about performance, but a 1:1 connection without “adapters” which might cause any troubles. are there drives with native interfaces or not?

Ask zebadee he seems to know the skinney :iagree:

I’m still not sure what you’re getting at here. The current SATA burners don’t have any removable SATA-IDE adapters, it’s all a part of the PCB. See the pics of the inside of a PX-755SA near the bottom of this page:

i know this. i currently own a px-760sa. that’s not the question!