Do Pioneer DVRs eventually die?

I have been using a Pioneer DVR-108 for about three years and have burned a countless number of dvds on it.

It had previously been reporting some failure errors but after a clean it worked ok for a month or so, the error has returned and the burner will not acknowledge a blank dvd disk, I was able to burn an audio cd rom just a moment ago.

Could it be the media or the burner ?

Got my eye on a pioneer 111d which i can get if i order tonight before midnight, for £20 and 99p delivery.



Yes - Optical Disc Drives will wear out over time-

The move to the 111D - would be a good thing IMO-eh!

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I agree with Mike, I’d snap up that 111D :iagree:

My neighbour’s been through a few Pioneer drives - although they’re solid drives, he does abuse them a bit. Three years is a really good run :bigsmile:

Thanks for the welcome and advice BigMike and Arachne

Why not the 112? :slight_smile:

Still too new, but worth a look. :wink: