Do our Benq's do well with +DL disks? other questions too, thanks

yesterday I bout a 25 pack of dual layer disks for 75 after tax, They are memorex brand and from what I have heard should be Ritek, or possibly philips(havent opened them yet) I read on the media forum a user say he had a 25% succes rate with ritek DL.

Im just a little paranoid here, I bought these disks to back up Dual layer downloads, and rentals. then when cheap/reliable/printable/ and made by taiyo yuden in japan dual layer disks are out, I will transfer these and then discard them. I remember when some brands of single layer stopped working after a year.

I am thinking my best bet and cheaper, but more disk clutter, is to split the video_ts files or rar files over two TY01 disks I had gotten for cheap, which would cost me less than a dollar.

give me your opinion on this :slight_smile:

when do you think my desire for: “cheap/reliable/printable/ and made by taiyo yuden in japan dual layer disks” will be satisified, or do you think it ever will? :clap:

cheers :bow: