Do not update from to

Hi all,
version has a bug burning DVDs. I have destroyed a lot of DVD. After reupdating to version burning was OK.

jr2893 :a

damn. ive just updated yesterday… thanks…

what is the bug about?
on my gf’s laptop with a sony dvd burner there is no trouble at all…
plz, give more detail about it…

I’ve had no problems burning DVDs with


No probs here


I burned dvds ok as well going from to…scan have looked good as well

please be more specific…

Its been working fine for me, but it would be very helpfull if you could give more info on you OS, specs, blank DVD make etc.

Ben :slight_smile:

I have 6.6.o.8 on three different systems which use Plex 708A, 712A, BenQ 1620 and a Plexwriter premium and none of them have any problems with the new version.

absolutly no problem with

No problems here either.

Maybe you should send a report to Ahead Software, maybe you just need a device patch or similar.

No problems here at all yet.

“jr2893”, your message needs further explanation.
Kindly elaborate and be more specific! – Thanks.

Have had no problem with DVD or CD burning on any of my DVD or CD Burners using, Even got InCD v4.3.11.1 working on old Burner in Windows 98se.
So, what is your error or other bug?
:smiley: Don’t think there is or was a problem and could be just a “User” error. :cop:

:bow: Just love this “CD Freaks Junior Member” status of mine :bigsmile:

6608 works great for me! burned lots, no problems so far and they even fixed the bug where the title was just “New” when burning with Img Burn Tool, Now shows the actual title again.

No problems here, been able to burn DVDs at 12x and 16x on my plextor 716a just fine.

No problems at all here with nero latest version…

Works for me as well. Too bad jr2893 doesn’t check back.

Please provide more details about the video file or files your working with including the Nero log file.

must not want any help, i bet he/she needs aspi changed to 4.6 if he/she checks back google “compel aspi” download it and run it. it will fix aspi issues that nero sometimes gets. it may take 2 or 3 reboots for it to get it handled.

been using 6608 np on anything 6606 was the buggy one for me lol is running great 4 me

tried to burn a DVD .iso in nero yesterday and it only recognised it as a cd .iso of 633Mb when it was 4.3Gb. A rather annoying bug.