Do not purchase plextor px-716a



ok heres the horror story i figured i go and get a new burner so i walk into best buy and i see a PLEXTOR on the shelves so being i never owned one and heard such good reviews about plextor i diecide to buy not one but four plextor burners being they are only 99 dollars. now mind you i have a machine that is way beyond the requirements of what is stated on the back on the box and so forth so i haul ass down the highway to get home and install the fuckers only to find that not just one but ALL FOUR were no fucking good i flashed them with the new firmware and everything still nothing i mean nothing i even gave two to a friend of mine who stays in front of his computer too see if it was my machine that messing things up and he gave them back to me within two hours and told me they were junk while laughing at me …so the moral of the story is stay away from plextor…damn!!! i have never seen anything like it in all my years of buying things ecspecially electronic. well didn’t mean to talk your ear off but i had to tell someone and kinda vent so im off to bed now so i can get up early to take this s*** back :a :frowning: :frowning: :a


What media did you use.

What errors did you get.

What the TLA version.

Plextor generally works great.

When you start a thread like this, I certainly miss some documentation.


If you calm down and start using normal language maybe then we can help you with your problem. Thread closed.