Do not like LG



I don’t think LG brand work well


Fascinatin’. Best post all day. :rolleyes:


I agree, so much thought was put into this informative thread. :Z :rolleyes:


What doesn’t work well? :confused: :rolleyes:


Do you even know what your talking about or are you just posting random comments of crap? LG makes some great DVD writers thats a good tip for you.


Maybe he means the plasma tv,… :slight_smile:


Do LG sell brains?


ueiowwp Brain Just Farted :Z

With Comments Like “I don’t think LG brand work well


Me Tarzan, you Jane.


Maybe because you don’t know how to work with it? :wink:

I think LG (DVD-drives) are the best there is, but that’s my opinion. :iagree:

Maybe in the future when you post thinks like this, also post the reason why you think this is true. :rolleyes:

But if you don’t like LG, don’t buy it … I will!! :slight_smile:


I did not see words: OPTODISC and SONIC and PRINCO in this thread. I am pretty sure they are the missing words in ueiowwp’s post


This thread is useless! And personal attacks/insults are not tolerated.

Thread closed!