Do not buy the Lite-On LDW-400D



Do not buy the Lite-On LDW-400D Dvd burner at this time. There is lack of info and no support for this drive at this time. This drive has 4x burning problems with the Ritek disks. My firmware version is 1.2b
We all know this is a rebadged Sony, but what a way to piss off customers.


lack of info and no support? hasn’t the drive only been available for about a month? i know u wanted a new firmware revision but u can’t really expect a company to churn out new ones on a daily basis.


They should at least acknowledge the drive on their website.


It seems to me like something is going on between Lite-ON and Sony right now. In the new QS03 firmware from Emilex, there’s a string at the end that says “SONY CORPORATION LITEONIT” rather than just “LITEONIT”…