Do Not Buy From Amazon (horrible Package)

I have been pissed off by I ordered 2 Packs of 100 Verbatim DVD+Rs. They arrived … opened, cracked, full of dust, unusable… all 200 DISCS!!!..ill take pictures of it later… what can i do in this case??.. help please

If its opened than it’s probably your local postoffice.

There’s another member reported bad experience with Amazon though: Poor Amazon just can’t pack 100-disk spindle right!. I would suggest to contact Amazon through the website or call Amazon Customer Service at 1-800-201-7575.

Received mine a few days ago. Mine were packaged very poorly as well ( just a few air packs in a big box). I was fortunate…only a couple were unusuable…good luck


i’ll stick with newegg. good packaging, pricing, service.

Yep… NewEgg all the way!!!

I have bought a few things from amazon uk and everything has been great+free postage to boot…
But i agree if your not happy with the product put it back and dont take no for an answer…

ship it back and RMA that sucker…
IME ships things perfectly, with tons of packaging. I’ve ordered stacks of media, no problems, using the free shipping option. With the stuff they shipped to me, I’d pretty much have to run over the package with a car before that cardboard would buckle.

If you call Amazon they will rectify the problem with no questions asked. They are well aware of the poor shipping as I have been calling them on a regular basis for 3 years bringing them up to date on their lack of progress. I order without hesitation as they always take care of it.

Plus they might offer you $$ coupon. Once they shipped my order a week late, and it was due to UPS, not Amazon. I got $15 coupon after I called them. :slight_smile:


I must be lucky - have bought a s–tload of stuff off of Amazon - and all has been packed well-

Also note that carlosgill77 is located in Venezuela - so it may be just a customs inspection - ripping open the package - kinda thing-eh?


man, Venezuela is quite a hike. International mail is not renowned for tender delivery of fragile items. Maybe order locally next time.

I think they only check packages coming out of South America,not in. He,he.

hehe… funny analogy but Yes, they acctually Check… well… i made i return item request and they sent me another couple of spindles, without even waiting I send the cracked ones… but i think i have to send thems once the new ones arrives.

Locally?? hehe… here at Venezuela the only Discs i can find are The Princos and the Matrix… other poor discs… many Fake TY

Ive never had a problem with Amazon either. In the unlikely event they don’t make things right with you, file a claim with the bank or credit card company you made payment through. This ALWAYS gets a seller’s attention in my experience and the problem is quickly rectified.

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