Do mp3 players have a mic for recording?

I don’t know anything about the mp3 player. What I am looking for is something that will work with a Flip video. My intent is to record my own voice over a video…the only thing that works with Flip is the mp3. I am not interested in downloading music but only to record my voice in sync with a video.

Is there any out there that allow this or not?


As far as I’m aware of, the Flip video camera should have a built-in microphone.

I can confirm that some MP3 players can record as well as play. You’ll need to check the specifications, as most don’t clearly state so apart from in their specifications.

Another option would be to get a Dictaphone that records to a flash card or which can be connected to a PC. These tend to have better recording quality than an MP3 mic as well as a dedicated record button.