Do Maxell use TY



I am very interested in bagging myself some of the above, I’ve been told the dye is a purple/blue colour. Does this mean the media is going to be TY? Or do Maxell use a range of manufacturers for 8x media :bigsmile:


Maxell use their own media, Ritek media :Z from what I know. The only TY Maxell’s I’ve seen/used are 4x ones.

Also, that pack says 1-4x on the top - just proves why you should never trust what they post - that 4x pack certainly looks like TY. Short answer - don’t buy them! Its too much of a risk.


Certainly looks like a TY cakebox…for that price, you can certainly afford to buy some and find out (I might myself on Wednesday, in my local Argos, now you’ve mentioned it - that’s if they’re still that price in-store!).

Maxell -Rs have been known to be Ritek G05 on occasion…although as I said, that’s a good price if you want to try your luck :slight_smile:

Edit: Kev got in before me, and made a good point - never trust what you see on the net (pic-wise). I’m having second thoughts myself now, so ignore what I just said.


I think I remember seeing another post in this forum about a TY-lookalike cakebox that was actually Prodisc… But in this case, I think it’s a picture mismatch. The description says 8x, but the cakebox says 4x. Probably a shot of one that was TY, but you can bet whatever you get won’t be.


yep… if they are ritek, you will have 25 frisbees for the summer :wink:


4X Maxell DVD-R can be TYG01, MXLRG02, or RITEKG04
8X Maxell DVD-R can be MXLRG03, RITEKG05, or CMCMAGAE1
16X Maxell DVD-R can be MXLRG04, RITEKF1 or CMCMAGAM3 I think

4X Maxell DVD+R can be YUDEN000T01, MAXELL001, or RICOHJPNR01
8X Maxell DVD+R can be MAXELL002, RICOHJPNR02, or RITEKR03
16X Maxell DVD+R can be MAXELL003, RICOHJPNR03, and CMCMAGM01

Just fyi! :flower:


OT: 16x Maxell DVD-R can also be RITEKF1


Doh, completely forgot about that, thanks!


25 test discs for checking if your backup movies are authored correctly (that’s what I use the 25 R03s I ended up with for, anyway) :bigsmile:

Or, to burn for people you’re not over-keen on :bigsmile:

Nice one, [Buck]…except the 4x Maxell +Rs I have here are YUDEN000 T01, not T02 :wink:


My bad… typo :o


That’s my trick, hence the Edit thing in my sig :bigsmile:


yeah i hate those chavs who beat me up if i dont back up their movies :bigsmile:


OT: the guy above me doesn’t have net access, so I’m always having to download program updates and burn them for him. Luckily, he’s not disc-quality aware :bigsmile:


Same use here for the ~55 G05 that I’ve got left… :bigsmile:


I guess if you’re clued up on all these spindle tub designs you can do a customer view before payment.

Or you can rip open the tub and check the MID then if crap take them back under the 16 day return policy (Assuming you haven’t burnt to them) :clap:


Sure can do. Most probably they will be Ritek’s though.


1: Load Shotgun
2: say "PULL!"
3: fire

~55 gone hehe :smiley:


Well even though the packaging said MIJ they are Riteks looking at the code on the actual media :confused:


Doh :(…and yeah, they’re well known for falsely claiming MIJ on some media. I’m guessing it’s a cockup with labelling.


That happened to me :a - thankfully I only got 5 :clap: